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Phenomajp13 said:

No reply, so you resort to memes lol. So are you going to explain how figures pulled from thin air are cautios but figures from Sony (Playstaion's owner) are unreliable? All I said was that the figures people are giving are unsourced. Is it true that PS2 probably sold more, absolutely! Do we have any official figures, no. Yet dude is allowed to pull out this make believe range, which he will use to make the PS2 a moving target to his consent. It's really not that hard to see, you just chose not to because you are a fellow playstation fan. So of course you could careless about Sony's official figure because you also want to put the PS2 as high as possible with no source. Sony continues to repeat 155.1 as of March 2012, maybe you all should be asking why is that? Why report anything at all if you don't care? For all we know its a correction, which Sony has done before. We don't know if what im saying but you claim people posting unofficial sourses is cautios? That makes no sense, im the cautios one.

Put it like this. Does PS2 sold units after march of 2012 ? Yes. How much they can be ? Probably no more than 4M (I also agree if PS2 reached 160M Sony should announce it. Therefore we can assume PS2 didn't reach 160M). So having around 4M the fiscal year before, it's safe to assume PS2 did at least 1 or 2M right ? So we can calculate anywhere between 157M and 159M. And yes, it is not official, there is no source. However which is more likely ? PS2 not selling single unit and calling it 155.1M (the number from march 2012) or calculate it just like the chances are that it sold some units, how much ? 2 to 4M is a safe bet. And of course if Switch gets to 157 or 158M (which I think it won't) it can have outsold the PS2 by that point. However since Sony didn't announce exact number, it's debatable how much exact units are sold. Are there 157 or 158 or 159M ? So just to safely say with confidence the Switch has outsold PS2 and there can't be any debate whatsoever everyone is going with the safe target of around 158/159M. This is way more normal and safe to say and to be closer to reality than is to say Switch outsold the PS2 when it passes the 155.1M, because that just won't be the case. Cuz if the Switch is at 155.5M you can't say it outsold the PS2. Cuz it's impossible the PS2 has sold only 400k for example, after march 2012, having in mind that it sold more than 4M the year prior. Switch reaching 156M is also not confirming it's outsold the PS2, cuz the chances are very big PS2 sold more than 900k after march 2012. And sure if Switch reach 157 or 158M it is debatable because the PS2 numbers weren't disclosed officially. That's why everyone is telling you that the safest target for the Switch is at least 159M because at that point it's more than sure Switch would have outsold the PS2. Anything in the range of 155 and 159M is debatable and can't be 100% confirmed for either console, who has sold more of the two.

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