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#11Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl
guessed byPlatina
release year2013
developer/publisherAtlus/NIS America
genreturn based RPG
past years2020: #6, 2019: #7, 2018: #5, 2017: #2

Atlus started the Etrian Odyssey series on the DS, using the touchscreen for showing and drawing the map, while the upper screen showed the usual stuff: the environment outside of battle and the battle screen while fighting. The game was great and justified many sequels. On the 3DS Atlus remade this first game, now with the graphical engine of the fourth game and some quality of life improvements. But also with one very important thing: an additional story mode, which played differently and has a more cohesive story than the original mode. You can play both modes. As this basically doubles the content, Untold: The Millenium Girl stands as it's own game, not only an improved version of the first game.

The original game (and therefore this remake) offer a very satisfying dungeon delve. You explore the maps while mastering the dangers of the labyrinth. You are tasked with mapping alongside the exploration of the labyrinth. The labyrinth uses traps, tresure chests, on the map visible boss enemies (called foes) and a lot of other stuff to spice up things. The battle system offers a well working turn based battle with many options like magic, different skills and items. Other than battles, the labyrinth has a lot of smaller events taking place at certain places.

The remake offers additionally a story mode with fixed characters (but including a lot of customization), additional mazes and anime cutscenes to drive the story. Between classic mode and story mode this remake offers you a lot of content. And all with a great RPG as base and the exploration of an unknown maze as task.

I always liked already in the original game, how the style of the labyrinth changes the deeper you go into it. You have plenty to do while leveling up. Being it missions from the townsfolk or collecting monster materials for new items in the store. With the remake offering so much more it is a great RPG experience. This game at this spot represents in part the whole series, all very good classic RPGs.

Sadly so far Atlus hasn't graced the Switch with any Etrian Odyssey game, I had liked to see how they evolve the series on the new platform. Maybe Atlus intends to let it die with the 3DS. Which would be a shame.

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