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Mnementh said:

My #17 is still unguessed, so let's drop more hints:

#17: Elirium 115 (first game). Had a different name in the US than in europe, which is used as the name of the series modernizing this 90s series. My #39 was made by the same guy who made this game and as a spiritual successor. Guessed by coolbeans.

#16: Time travel in the john. Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser.

#15: A shrine can revive your horse, if you managed to kill it. Guessed by drbunnig.

#14: Sorry to keep you waiting. With all us gods,... errrr, and Pyrrhon, united. The Cherubot is pure mechanical brawn wrapped in an adorable package. So decimate anything that gets in your way.

#13: On the first day man was granted a soul and with it clarity. On the second day, upon Earth was planted an irrevocable poison; Guessed by Darashiva.

#12: In difference to some other shooters of the time, you only could save between mission, but you had multiple lifes. There are some fun references to the series of movies this is based on. Guessed by drbunnig.

#11: Remake of the first game in this dungeon crawler series with self-drawn maps that added an extended story.

11 Etrian Odyssey Untold

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