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Mnementh said:

OK, because I was caught up in work I am now seriously behind. Time to catch up. Also, so far The_Liquid_Laser, Machina and Darashoiva are leading with guesses on my games, with 7, 6 and 5 correct guesses respectively.

#17: Elirium 115 (first game). Had a different name in the US than in europe, which is used as the name of the series modernizing this 90s series.

#16: Time travel in the john. Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser.

#15: A shrine can revive your horse, if you managed to kill it. Guessed by drbunnig.

#14: Sorry to keep you waiting. With all us gods,... errrr, and Pyrrhon, united

#13: On the first day man was granted a soul and with it clarity. On the second day, upon Earth was planted an irrevocable poison;

#12: In difference to some other shooters of the time, you only could save between mission, but you had multiple lifes.

#11: Remake of the first game in this dungeon crawler series with self-drawn maps that added an extended story.

#13: I knew I recognized that phrase, even if I haven't actually played the game. Just took a while to dawn on me I guess. Demon's Souls.