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#27Deus Ex: Human Revolution
guessed byDarashiva
release year2011
developer/publisherEidos/Square Enix
genreaction adventure, shooter, stealth
past years2020: #19, 2019: #21, 2018: #16, 2017: #8

In a way you can call the Deus Ex series "Transhumanism: The Game". I am not aware of any other game series, that has transhumanism so much as a core theme. And this theme is integrated with the gameplay, as your abilities are brought on by technical enhancements of your body. On the story side, the game explores the societal impact of the availability of technology that enables transhumanism. This all makes an very exciting package.

I played Human Revolution as the Director's Cut on WiiU, but it is available on many platforms. The gameplay is an mix of action adventure, shooter and stealth, with RPG-elements to advance your character. That works splendid.

One element of the game that makes it so great is the big amount of possible solutions to one problem. Problem: you want to enter the police headquarters. What are your options? Well, you can sweet talk the guy at the entrance to let you in. You can crawl through the ventilation shafts like the Alien. Or you can go into the police station with guns blazing, like the Terminator. Or you hack your way in, like a Shadowrunner. All options are valid and possible. This gives you as the player a lot of influence.

Your actions have consequences. That is made clear in the beginning, as the hostages die if you take too long. Or that oyur pilot dies, if you don't invest a lot effort to help her escape. This is all not influencing the story too much, but it feels impactful. Great work Eidos!

And it's not too long until 2027, the year the game is set.

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