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Mnementh said:

More hints:

#31: Transferring the soul of an animal into a child born without one will not end well. Anyone surprised? Killing a god may the cause of it all. You are the Watcher. This game had a big Kickstarter campaign. The developer of the game got later bought by Microsoft. Guessed by Machina.

#30: A-Plus, Akebi, Ramen, S-Chan and just Frank. Deliver the cleaned laundry. Actually you forget to deliver it. This 3DS game was part of a series of smaller games. You play on Friday.

#29: The rooster of war! The tree of love! This colorful open world game let you interact with some gods. The Ubisoft towers are big statues this time. Guessed by Machina.

#28: Climbing, swimming, running, flying, digging... and freezing. Luckily there are hot springs, which will warm you up. Guessed by Darashiva.

#27: Play in Detroit and Shanghai. You have for each problem multiple ways to solve it.

27: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The_Liquid_Laser said:

Here are some clues for my next few games.

31.  I would not be surprised if someone tells me that this Nintendo game should be higher on my list.

30.  Some consider the main protagonist of this RPG to be female, but personally I would say it has more of an ensemble cast.

29.  I still haven't beaten a final boss of this game, but the decisions you make during gameplay determine if you will even encounter him.

30: Final Fantasy VI

29: Persona 4? Or maybe Bloodborne.