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Mnementh said:

More hints:

#31: Transferring the soul of an animal into a child born without one will not end well. Anyone surprised? Killing a god may the cause of it all. You are the Watcher. This game had a big Kickstarter campaign. The developer of the game got later bought by Microsoft.

#30: A-Plus, Akebi, Ramen, S-Chan and just Frank. Deliver the cleaned laundry. Actually you forget to deliver it. This 3DS game was part of a series of smaller games. You play on Friday.

#29: The rooster of war! The tree of love! This colorful open world game let you interact with some gods. The Ubisoft towers are big statues this time. Guessed by Machina.

#28: Climbing, swimming, running, flying, digging... and freezing. Luckily there are hot springs, which will warm you up. Guessed by Darashiva.

#27: Play in Detroit and Shanghai. You have for each problem multiple ways to solve it.

#31 - Big Kickstarter + Microsoft purchase of developer - Pillars of Eternity?