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#16 Deus Ex: Human Revolution
guessed by Darashiva
platform WiiU
release year 2011
developer/publisher Eidos/Square Enix
genre first-person action-adventure and stealth shooter
links Wikipedia
last year  #8

Few games feature transhumanism as theme. Which is surprising, as other media like movies and books are more often into this type of story. The Deus Ex series is about the only game series I know featuring transhumanism.

I am not too much into shooters, but the stealth shooter is a different story. I like it to patiently sneak my way up to the target. I also like if the decision you make have an impact, and in Human Revolution your decisions as a player certainly have impact. There are also usually so many possible solutions to a problem, that you can easily play in multiple styles. It's one of the few games, there diplomacy is a possible alternative to shooting, and it also integrates technical enhancements into that gameplay pretty well.

Eidos really did great with that game.

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