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#50Resident Evil (Remake)
guessed byZippy6
release year2002
genreshooter, survival horror
past years2020: #40, 2019: #38, 2018: #35, 2017: #28

I never played the original Resident Evil back then it first release, as in the 90s I didn't play on console. So my first exposure was the rerelease on Wii. I actually played Resident Evil 4 first, and as I liked that game, I bought *every* Resident Evil for the system. Yes, including Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles. Of all these games I liked RE1 the most.

Yes, I wasn't repelled by the old control scheme as many others were. But Resident Evil excels in another area: atmosphere. The atmosphere of the creepy villa and then the lab. The game always keeps you on your toes, although it has way less enemies than later entries. Every time you start to feel secure, because you start to amass ammunition, know how to kill the Zombies or find your way around the villa, the game adds a spin to keep you unsettled. This is in the best sense of the word survival horror. And that makes it so great and keeps the game in my TOP 50, although yes the controls and visuals are dated.

The game is a mix of a shooter, but with fixed camera angles which certainly makes shooting a bit cumbersome, survival horror and light puzzles. You find your way through the villa and lab, searching for keys or items that help you progress and slowly uncover the truth about what happened here. The game keeps your resources as healing and ammunition sparse, so it often is a prudent tactic just to run through a room with an enemy instead of wasting bullets.

And yes, as I played the reworked version starting from Gamecube, it probably already got some improvements. Most visibly the graphics. Look at the pictures above and below for comparison.

From this game (the original blocky version) spawned a whole big franchise, with many games and movies. This success started here, despite controls, despite all it's shortcoming, because it does so well on the creepiness, on the unsettling feelings, on the jump-scares (who doesn't remember the zombie dogs). So it deserves it's place on my list. The game itself got countless rereleases, including on Switch which is another version I bought.

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