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#35 Resident Evil
guessed by S.Peelman
platform Wii
release year 1996
developer/publisher Capcom
genre survival horror
links Wikipedia
last year  #28

Yeah, this is the original Resident Evil. OK, at least the remake for the Gamecube which in turn was ported for the Wii. As Wii was my first real console (I played a bit on the Dreamcast of a friend before), this is my first contact the original Resident Evil.

And yes, I played Resident Evil 4 on the Wii. I did it first. In fact I liked RE4 so much, I bought every Resident Evil on the system, the rail-shooters Umbrealla Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles, and the remakes of Zero and the original. But this original was what really got me. This was in the best sense of the word survival horror. I felt the fear for their lives the characters had to have. Every corner brought new possible dangers. And every time I started to feel somewhat safe in one area of the game, felt like I found and eliminated all dangers, the game pulled the rug from under my feet. That is survival horror as it has to be.

While RE:Revelations is kinda scary in parts and feels challenging and dangerous at times, it does not permeate the feel of fight for the bare survival like the original does. Revelations has other qualities though that make it a great game of it's own. Other RE games had this feeling even less. But this first game, the starting point of it all, that was pure fight for survival. And it was a lot of fun.

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