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Well, people can (rightfully) complain about the limited release of Mario, but still be excited for BOTW2. That is nothing new. See it this way: I dislike a lot of stuff EA does. But they have old IPs I would like a rerelease on a modern platform of: original Dragon Age, Dungeon Keeper, SimCity, Populous, Theme Park and so on. I would buy these in an instant, EA just doesn't want it. FIFA does make them more money.

And I don't want to excuse the things Nintendo does wrong, but let's take a realistic look on the game industry. Crunch with devs working 100 hours a week for months or years (Naughty Dog, CD Project Red). Abuse from superiors towards lower ranked workers (Ubisoft). Predatory tactics to pull money out of the pockets of easily influenced like lootboxes that should be regulated as gambling (EA, 2K). Whatever we think Nintendo deserves as backlash, these companies deserve as well and more of it. Because I like my games, but I don't want anyone to have to work for it until burned out or to take abuse from superiors. That shit has to end.

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