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#30 Attack of the Friday Monsters!
guessed by Jpcc86
platform 3DS
release year 2013
developer/publisher Millenium Kitchen/Aquria/Level-5
genre adventure
links Wikipedia
past years 2019: #29, 2018: #41, 2017: #39

This game is such a charming little adventure. An entertaining and moving little story about kids in a small part of the town, where the TV-studio produces a monsters show. So every friday a giant monster attacks and the Earth Defense Force repels the attack. The main protagonist Sohta has moved recently with his parents to this part of town, so he experiences this the first time. The kids believe the monsters are real (and maybe they are). So everything smoke and mirrors? There are quite a few surprises hidden here.

The game was part of the guild series. These guild games were small downloadable titles published by Level-5 in cooperation with kinda prominent japanese game designers. The idea was to give them a bit of room to explore ideas they usually can't follow. The other guild games are good too, but I love Attack of the Friday Monsters!

The gameplay consists mostly of simple puzzles to progress the story. The really great part is, how you can see the world through the kids eyes and how they interpret everything. There is also a minigame with collectible cards. The kids play it to have a ranking, and you can cast spells on other kids that rank below you.

The game is short, but it feels so good and freeing just seeing things from kids eyes and everything is much simpler.

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