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#41 Attack of the Friday Monsters!
guessed by no one
platform 3DS
release year 2013
developer/publisher Millenium Kitchen/Aquria/Level-5
genre adventure
links Wikipedia
last year  #39

As I said before with other games, I love adventures. And this game is another one, a small but heartwarming adventure. You play a little kid in Japan in the 70s, as the monster movies became big. The kids roam around and do stuff, and you playing one of these kids has to solve quests to progress the story. There is really not much to it, but it all is so masterfully executed, it just clicks.

The game was part of the guild-series. That was an experiment from Level-5 to ask different well known game designers to go crazy and implement an idea they always wanted to do, although on a small scale. These guild games were published by Level-5 on the 3DS eShop as download games. And actually I liked most of these guild games. I wish Level-5 (or whoever) tries again something like this, it showed some interesting ideas in result.

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