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I think with the release of the next gen of consoles, this becomes a new and interesting question. So, which console you think will sell the most next calendar year (2021). Let's use VGChartz numbers to decide that. And as this shouldn't be just wish or preference, let's make it a bet.

I think this will be an interesting race. Which one of the new consoles will be ahead? And can a four-year old console compete with the new hot stuff?

Or bet on the sales numbers for the year for PS5, Series X/S or Switch.


To give a view of the current status, I put the numbers into graphs. As the VGC-forum software base their graphs on the number of betters for an option, but I think it is always more interesting how much these people are willing to bet. So here we go:

That is pretty straightforward. But to make things more interesting, I have asked how much people expect as yearly sales for PS5, Series X/S and Switch. The threads are linked above. And that I put also into a graphic:

Seemingly people are insecure about PS5, apparently they aren't willing to bet a lot. There are much higher bets for Series X/S and Switch sales, although in different sales categories. Remember, that is the current state on 2020-12-10. Bets are still open till end of the year.

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