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#18 Kid Icarus: Uprising
guessed by S.Peelman
platform 3DS
release year 2012
developer/publisher Sora/Nintendo
genre shooter
links Wikipedia
past years 2018: #20
2017: #16

And another reason why the 3DS is one of the best systems of all times is Kid Icarus: Uprising. Created by Masahiro Sakurai (Kirby, Smash Bros) this game was the sequel for the nearly two decades dormant Kid Icarus IP. Sakurai modernized the gameplay and added some stuff, and some more stuff and even more stuff. This game is filled with endless possibilities.

The single player mode sees you playing through missions, which each consists of a flying part in which you are restricted in your movements to the screen and the main flight path controlled by Palutena, while you shoot enemies. Then a ground part, were you move more freely. And finally a boss fight. Sakurai throws in enough stuff to keep things fresh though.

The story is long-winded and includes an enourmous cast of mythical characters. This includes a whole bunch of gods and their champions. And all of them are constantly talking in some banter, mostly at the expense of Pit, the playable character.

The difficulty of the missions can be adjusted, but you risk more hearts on higher difficulties, but may get bigger rewards too. The game also has an enourmous amount of weapons and other stuff. A multiplayer mode is also included. This game blew me away and kept me glued to the 3DS for a long time. I think this game would be a great candidate for a remake or even a sequel on Switch, so Nintendo take the hint!

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