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#20 Kid Icarus: Uprising
guessed by The_Liquid_Laser
platform 3DS
release year 2012
developer/publisher Project Sora/Sora Ltd./Nintendo
genre third person shooter
links Wikipedia
last year  #16

This game was really a lot of fun and I broke the left shoulder button on my first 3DS for this game. The basic setup is simple. You have multiple levels playing as Pit, you shoot the underworld army. Each level has three sequences. First you fly more or less on rails, although you can dodge in certain area. Then you go on further on foot and finally you beat a boss. But the game has so many variations to this simple recipe, it never stops being interesting.

Another thing is, that there is constant talking in the game. The gods and mystic beings can talk telepatically, so in most levels you talk all the way with the final boss of the level, or some god overseeing the final boss, or both, or a lot of people. Most make fun of Pit. And this constant banter makes all so much more enjoyable.

As a game from Masahiro Sakurai, it is full with content. Each level of the single player campaign can be replayed. You can choose your difficulty by betting hearts (sort of a game currency). Some areas in the levels are only accessible in higher difficulty. You can play it to get more loot, especially weapons. This game has so many different weapons. Also you have online multiplayer.

This is one of the gems of the 3DS-library, which makes the 3DS such an outstanding gaming device. Don't miss this game.

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