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Mnementh said:
OTBWY said:

Wizardry Gaiden IV or Wizardry Gaiden III

Maybe Wizardry Summoner.

A platform hint would be nice.

Still wrong. But yeah, I can give you the platform, look at the next batch of hints.

The_Liquid_Laser said:

You can play the PS1 game on a PS3, btw.  The graphics are not quite as good as the original hardware, but it's not really a game about graphics anyway.

19.  Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
15.  Persona Q
13.  Day of the Tentacle

Regarding FFT: Hmm, do I need the physical game? Does the PS3 plays physical PS1 games? Or is it available digital. I have to check... but no, in the shop I find only the PSP game for Vita, which I also don't own. Damn it.

Regarding your guesses: it seems you cannot leave the lead to Darashiva. Correct on all three.

The_Liquid_Laser said:

I am super way behind on clues so here goes nothing.

30.  The month after this popular game was released, the Wii sold 4 million consoles NPD, a record that has still not been broken.
29.  This first game in the series was known for it's extremely robust toolset including letting you play computer D&D in a way that felt like tabletop D&D.
28.  This 4th entry of a popular NES series was the first entry on the SNES.  Not Mario.
27.  This PS2 super-hero game had a very similar popular game come out this year on the PS4.
26.  For a long time this online game was the most profitable game in the series.  Of course since then they've released a second online game.
25.  This Switch game combines the most popular game ever made with another game that is popular in Japan.
24.  This is the first game from a competing console that really gave Mario a run for his money.
23.  Build your own theme park.  First game in the series.
22.  When people play this classic game they still say, "what?  Mario is the ref?"
21.  At the end of arcade game, you have to fight the other player to see who gets the girl.

#29: Neverwinter Nights?

#25: Puyo Puyo Tetris?

#23: erm, Theme Park from Bullfrog?

29 and 25 are correct!

Mnementh said:

Still behind schedule.

a) This was a surprising revival of a series that was dormant for 20 years.
b) Yeah, this is the REAL Lord of the underworld! The boss fight we just had was an underling.
c) So many gods! And they all talk a lot.
d) "Pyrrhon senses danger. And now... Pyrrhon sees it."
e) This 3DS game had a character which was before in Smash on Wii.

#19: Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

#18: Guessed by Landale_Star: Dragon Quest Builders

#17: Guessed by Darashiva: The Secret of Monkey Island

a) Transhumanism: The Game!
b) Got implants without consent, while recovering from serious injuries.
c) Play in Detroit and Heng Sha.

#15: Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser: Persona Q

a) What is the cause for the hollowborn?
b) Maybe because we killed a god?
c) The game got this year a sequel.

#13: Guessed by The_Liquid_Laser: Day of the Tentacle

#12: Guessed by Darashiva: Baldur's Gate

a) This is a japanese spin-off game of a western RPG-series.
b) This PS2 game also released outside of Japan.

a) This DOS first-person shooter used a well-known universe.

20.  Kid Icarus Uprising
11.  Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Lands
10.  Star Wars: Dark Forces