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#30 Resident Evil: Revelations
guessed by S.Peelman
platform 3DS/WiiU/Switch
release year 2012
developer/publisher Capcom
genre third person shooter, survival horror
links Wikipedia
past years 2018: #36
2017: #34

Revelation really showed what the 3DS is capable of. Graphically and in the gameplay area. This game bound me to the 3DS for many many hours. For me it best combines old strengths of the Resident Evil franchise with modernized controls and capabilities. Revelations can build a scary athmosphere as the early games could which some of the newer titles drown in masses of enemies. But at the same time the modernized controls give much more options and feel a lot better.

The game is presented in a chapter structure, which the developers felt was better fitted to a handheld. The many rereleases of the game on home consoles show that this structure is not in the least limited to handhelds. The setting on the luxurious cruisers which are empty and corrupted create that creepy atmosphere the first game had with the villa. Even as you see no enemy, but hear strange sounds, have the motions and sounds of the ship, see unsettling spots of biological contamination… this all builds to the feeling, so that the emergence of actual enemies can often feel freeing, as we finally face the threat we felt all the time.

And I am normally not too much into multiplayer, but that Raid-mode was excellent. This game was so great, that Capcom made a HD-conversion and rereleased it everywhere. The sequel Revelations 2 missed the 3DS sadly.

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