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#36 Resident Evil: Revelations
guessed by RolStoppable
platform 3DS/WiiU/Switch
release year 2012
developer/publisher Capcom
genre survival horror
links Wikipedia
last year  #34

Revelations was a great title for the 3DS library. It really showed what the little handheld was capable of. And it really worked as a game. It was scary, the story engaging, the mystery needed to be solved. And the characters felt alive. It was great that Capcom brought back Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield as main characters. It felt good playing them. And that they always were partnered up with someone also felt about right.

Also I'm usually not too much into multiplayer. But this Raid-mode worked really well for me. I played the hell out of the campaign and the multiplayer. Not something I usually do.

Overall, this feels like a must-have title for the 3DS. Well, and the WiiU. And the Switch. I'm stupid. Triple dipping?

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