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Slarvax said:
Mnementh said:

game #34

Hint 1: Lost on a ship.

Hint 2: In this game return two characters from the first game in the series as playable characters.

Hint 3: The two characters I talked about end up actually on different ships.

Hint 4: There is a third, sunken ship.

Hint 5: Shoot your way through the enemies in single-player with an AI-partner or in two-player online coop.

34 is RE Revelations, and I think 35 is Civilization, but I honestly dont know

As Slarvax guessed, this game is Resident Evil Revelations.

This game combined a pretty good shooter with a scary atmosphere and puzzles, so basically it did right what many games in the series fail to do. And if done right, Resident Evil is a great game.

In many regards the game is a move more towards the original Resident Evil, while not exactly the same and having newer controls and mechanics. it is especially a back to the roots regarding the scares and building up a dark atmosphere. Which worked all very well.

The game introduced an online coop-mode. Two people together go through the levels with enemies much stronger than in single player.

I played through it on my 3DS and played later a bit on WiiU in HD. But the HD version released on a lot of other consoles too, so it can be played nearly anywhere. Switch just got it's port of the game.

There was a follow-up-game (Revelations 2) which missed Nintendo-consoles but now also released on Switch.

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