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Thanks a lot. This is great. I didn't knew about half of these updates to games. The favorite tracker is new to me, as is the thing about user reviews. Also it is really great to click on Favorites in a game and see which users all have marked it as a favorite.

With all these new stuff, I thought about even more new and shiny stuff (yes, yes, I am greedy).

  • With both the 'Agreed with'-Feature and the 'Subscribe thread'-feature the need for useless posts is reduced, the tagged- or +1-posts. But these posts generated VG-points for the thread-starter which are now missing. But probably 'agreed with' should give VG-points to the poster of the post you agree and subscription give points to the thread-starter.
  • Betting in the prediction league could also be an activity which gives you points.
  • Do VG-points do anything besides these levels? Maybe they can give VG$, something like 100 VG$ for each level you clear.
  • Badges could also give you some VG$ as reward. Maybe the amount is different for how difficult these badges are to get.
  • The prediction league now sadly cannot use software sales anymore, but maybe it could be expanded by predicting the Metacritic/Opencritic-score of a new release?
  • I think it would be nice to have the option to gift some of my own VG$ to other users (maybe the price in a bet or something).
  • That said, maybe even a general betting feature could be implemented. Something like the poll-feature on threads, the thread-starter set multiple options and you can choose one, but also drop VG$ on this bet. The VG$ is collected in a pool and at some time the thread-owner decides of the outcome of the bet and the pool is automatically paid out.
  • For official threads it is nice now that moderators can set a new thread-owner. Maybe it would be helpful, if the poster can himself appoint additional editors (so multiple people can edit a post if the original author appoints them).
  • Currently if in an ongoing thread the OP is edited, the author must make a new reply to announce these changes. Maybe the thread can be shown in a new color for OP edited in the forum buddy.
  • The sliders for the game scoring are hard to read in the Blue theme (dark blue on dark grey).
  • Maybe the game score could not use the average but the median for the score, to devalue troll scores.
  • Maybe if you VG$-rich you can buy (or gift) supporter levels for a month for a shitload of VG$.

OK, that is all that randomly came to mind reading about all these improvements. You do great work here on the site, Talon!

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