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#31 Pikmin
guessed by The_Liquid_Laser
platform Gamecube/Wii
release year 2001
developer/publisher Nintendo
genre realtime strategy
links Wikipedia
last year  #26

I love the Pikmin series. All three games in fact, but the first one really represents what I like about it. This is in part real-time strategy commanding your Pikmin solving task. It involves also environmental puzzles, as you try to overcome obstacles.

The story is simple: Captain Olimar crashed on the planet which looks like earth. He has to repair his spaceship in 30 days, because this is the time his life-support works. For this task he employs the creatures of the planet called Pikmin. They are pretty simple and follow your orders, but they are also cute. Olimar and Pikmins are all a few centimeters small, even bugs are bigger and a terrible danger. But if you fight them and win, the Pikmin can work with the remains and new Pikmins are seeded.

This is a lot of fun. I hope we will see a fourth installment some time in the future.

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