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Mnementh said:

game #26

Hint 1: Your spaceship breaks down and you are stranded on this strange planet.

TruckOSaurus said:

#26: Pikmin 3

mZuzek said:

Is it a previous Pikmin game? I was gonna guess Pikmin 3 before Trucks did it, but since that was wrong I just tried something else. Pikmin 3 is the only one I've played in the series so I wouldn't know.

Well, it is Pikmin, the first game.

On the gamecube crashed the spaceship Dolphin (named after the codename of the Gamecube) on a strange planet. Captain Olimar had 30 days to find the missing parts of his spaceship, before the life-support system fails. Luckily he finds creatures he calls Pikmin that are eager to help.

This was the first game, which combined puzzles, exploration, fights and cute fun into a great game.

The game itself was release on Gamecube, but a Wii-variant with support for the Wiimote was also released with the additional title 'new play control!'.

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