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Mnementh said:

OK, time for some new games. For the guessing leaderboard, S.Peelman is in lead with three guessed games, but The_Liquid_Laser, Darashiva and Barkley are close behind with two guessed games each.

a) You're back playing the characters from the first entry of the game series.
b) You play on a ship. And a second one. And a third?
Guessed by RolStoppable: Resident Evil: Revelations

a) The first time it happened in an old mansion.
b) The series started with this game is in high reputation still and has brought us many great and some not so great games.
Guessed by S.Peelman: Resident Evil

a) As first rumours leaked about this mashup of two franchises, nobody thought that could work well together.
Guessed by Barkley: Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

a) Fight the most enemies ever in this series, with this version also in HD.

a) A fairytale told in watercolors.

a) Grow helpers.

a) Return to this place with graphics this time.

Not sure about some of these guesses but here goes:

33.  Fire Emblem Warriors
32.  Ni No Kuni
31.  Pikmin
30.  Return to Zork

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