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I didn't like the game but The Last of Us had the best graphics of the 7th Gen.

On Wii I'd say Mario Galaxy 2.

I think Metroid Other M is the best looking Wii game. True, it was a bit bland in terms of artistic design... but the graphics were absolutely stunning for the console.

On a technical level, TLOU. It wasn't my favorite game either graphically or as a game, though. Personally I'd give it to Ni no Kuni for being a playable Ghibli film.

Best on Wii is definitely SMG.

360, dunno. I was pretty much done with 360 after 2009, and the best looking games I saw on it by that point were Soulcalibur IV and Tales of Vesperia, and ToV, while having nice, colorful cel-shaded graphics, was not in the same league as Halo or Gears.

I'd complete the PS3 list with Uncharted 3 (although I prefer 2 but graphically 3 is superior)

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I just want to bring Metroid Prime 3 to the table as one of the Wii’s best visuals contender.

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PS3: The last of us, Uncharted 3, Beyond: Two souls, GT6, Ni No Kuni, R&C Future: A crack in time.
X360: Halo 4, Forza Horizon 2
Wii: Mario Galaxy

curl-6 said:

PS3: God of War Ascension

Xbox 360: Gears of War Judgement

Wii: Super Mario Galaxy

Multiplat: Crysis 3

I completely agree with this.

I never had a PS3 (my roommate did, though), so I'm limited to the 360, but I'd have to say Halo 4, at least from a purely technical POV. In terms of art design I hated how it basically made major "visual retcons" of most things.

Xbox 360: Halo 4 campaign was stunning for a 360 game. Multiplayer, not so much.
PS3: Never owned one or played any games on it.
Wii: Never owned one, but what I did play I'd say Mario Galaxy.
Multiplat: GTAV

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Thanks for all the answers so far!

By the way, how does Alan Wake looks on Xbox 360? I have the PC version, and I think it still looks really good.