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I think im a bit surprised they are not using a couple of their own franchises rather than 3rd party ports. 

Golden Sun, F-Zero and WarioLand/Ware mainly.

And to a lesser extent... Star Fox.
I just think SFZero was really bad tbh, they shouldnt let it die just like that. Theres a lot more they can do with it. 

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Deus Ex also comes to mind, since there was one on the WiiU.

Paper Mario
Some Co Developed sports game from EA and Nintendo.
More art style like games (less demanding) exclusives from third parties such as Ubisoft. Why has there been no follow-up to the success story of M&R: Kindgom Battle? Or a more colorful take on Call of Duty like game setnin a fictional world?

Why hasn't Tencent convinced Nintendo to allow them to develop a Nintendo Moba?

Why isn't there a Nintendo first Party Diablo-like game yet?

Why hasn't Disney put the one star wars game that would do well on Nintendo on it with Rogue Squadron 4?

Mainly Monster Hunter and a port of GTA V, easiest cash in ever for Rockstar but they decided not to ....

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JWeinCom said:
Nu-13 said:

Can't remaster a 2d game.

Why not?

The only way to improve 2d stuff is redrawing it. So 2d games can only be remade, not remastered.

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GTA V, a remastered version should be a breeze for the system, and it would sell..it would sell a lot. On a personal note Call of Duty. A remaster of Black ops is sorely needed for mobile online play.



Guilty Gear

King of Fighters (IV / V)


Persona sounded like an inevitablity when they announced Joker in Smash, so, that. But then again, Persona 5 Scramble is coming, and it's just about as close as it gets to mainline Persona without being actually mainline.

Don't know why people are saying Monster Hunter when Generations Ultimate is on Switch.

Biggest surprise for me personally is Pikmin. I'm not a fan of the series, but Pikmin 4 was announced 5 years ago now and 3 should have been really easy to port, so it being a no-show is pretty surprising. Series like Star Fox and Paper Mario came our late in the Wii U's lifespan and had pretty mixed reception, so I wouldn't have expected them to show up before now.

Etrian Odyssey, XCom and a new Monster Hunter (there was only the port from the 3DS version).

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