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Good to hear your daughter is doing well in school. I live in an area where most children are running around mimicking adults and it's for a lack of a better term, disgusting.

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1. providing you don't mind the cost, a second dock is a really sweet idea.  I've been planning on getting a 2nd one eventually, myself.

2. I hardly ever go portable, but I have a case and think everyone should.  Along that line of thought, get a screen protector...sooner than later.  Hori makes a perfectly fine plastic one that has served me well, or there are gorilla glass types out there on the market as well.

3. joycon are not cheap.  That said, if the money is not a problem, grab a second pair.  Even if you don't have company that would necessitate a 2nd set, its nice to have an extra pair hanging on the docked Switch at full charge and at the ready.  Get a Pro controller first and foremost, imo.

4.  The sheer amount of quality games available for the Switch, whether at retail or in the e-shop, is staggering.  If I may, I'd highly recommend Diablo3 as an early purchase.  Its endless fun and the multiplayer aspect is great with friends and family.

5. Go with the largest sd card you can afford.  I wouldn't suggest anything under 128g.  Reasons being that there are so many great eshop titles to dl, and that there are many games that come physically that also require large downloads and they will eat up space rather quickly.  ie. Mortal Kombat 11, Bayonetta 1/2 (if you buy them together 1 is a dl code), NBA2k, Doom/Wolfenstein2 etc, etc.

Switch has so much going for it right now.  There's something for everyone.  Enjoy and have fun with the family!

Ka-pi96 said:

My condolences.

It must suck to have a kid with poor taste in Pokemon. #PikachuFTW!

Eh, Eevee is undeniably much cooler than overrated electric rat trash. That said, detective overrated electric rat trash was a good movie nonetheless.

mZuzek said:
Ka-pi96 said:

My condolences.

It must suck to have a kid with poor taste in Pokemon. #PikachuFTW!

Eh, Eevee is undeniably much cooler than overrated electric rat trash. That said, detective overrated electric rat trash was a good movie nonetheless.

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LivingMetal said:

I'm about to pick up a Switch and probably as early as this weekend.  Buying a Switch was always in the works so it was eventually going to happen.  I just kept putting it off until that "right time."  As I type this post, my daughter is enjoy her last day in school as a field day so she'll be coming home with her final report card.  I promised her we'd get a Switch if she brings home all As for the last 9-week.  Going by previous trends in academic achievement, IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.  So this is not a thread about "Do a buy a Switch or not?" because the answer is "DO."  But may I get any advice or suggestions on what I need to consider?  Here's what I've been thinking so far:

1) I'm eventually going to get a second docking station to we can easily... "switch" between two TYs.

2) I don't see us being very portable with the Switch unless we go on long trips so I still need to consider a carrying case.

3) How often do you need a second set of Joy Cons?

4) The games that mainly interest her are Smash, Arms, Pokemon Go Eevee, Mario Cart 8.

5) Games that I'm interested in are Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Shin Megami Tensei, JRPGs

6) SD Card advice

I'll flesh things out more as we discuss. Thanks, all.

(1) I picked up a second dock for this but almost never play on the second TV lol. But it's nice to have, if for nothing else, at least so I can travel and have a dock with me without disconnecting the one hooked up to my main TV.

(2) I play my Switch in handheld mode probably 85% of the time. Even at home. I may be an outlier here, but that's by far my favorite feature of it. Either way, if you do think you'll EVER take it out of the house, I think you should have a carrying case. I also keep all my game cards in my case, as well, so if not for travel, at least it's a good game card case.

(3) My kids like to play Mario Party with me, and most of the games I play for local multiplayer, you want a full modern gamepad for, so the second set of joy cons get their fair amount of use.

(4) All those games are solid, except maybe Arms. I find Arms overpriced, but if you can get it at a budget price it's a solid buy. You'll want a second set of joy cons if you want to play together though.

(5) Solid list, again. This Zelda is pretty much inarguably one of the top 5 best Zeldas, and many will consider it either the best or second best (other contenders are LttP, OoT, and MM). I've played through it multiple times. Metroid, of course nobody knows if it'll be good or not, but I mean, it probably will be.

(6) SD card advice = get the biggest one you're willing to put in it. There are enough free games and demos that you'll almost certainly fill a small SD card even if you otherwise buy nothing digitally. If you DO want to buy digitally, you'll run out of space FAST. I go about 50/50 for digital vs physical and I filled a 128GB SD card; recently swapped that one out and put in a 256GB one.


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1. I have one dock and it is easy to just take 1 dock between 2 TVs because it is light to carry. That depends on:
- The HDMI cable is long enough for both TV.
- It allows you to save money for the dock and the Charger to plug it.

2. Yeah. They are not too expensive.

3. It depends on the games. If you (or your daughter's friends) will have 4 people playing on multiplayer games then YES you need it. Games like Minecraft doesnt allow you to play 1 Joycon.

4. Great Multiplayer games. And once again if you will have 3 or more people playing then you need 2 more joy cons.

5. Nothing from me here.

6. The big digital content that takes my space is the free2play games like Paladins. But thanks to the Cloud Service from Nintendo Online I can delete games that I havent played recently but the save data is still on the cloud. So that made me have plenty of spaces. Also im not a digital person.


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I have barely needed a second pair of JoyCons. But that's because my cousin lives really nearby. When we play Super Mario Party, he has JoyCons too. So you probably want 2 JoyCons. Or if you know you're getting an extra dock and extra JoyCons anyway, maybe consider 2 Switches. That's only if you have plenty of money.

I would say get at least a 128GB microSD. If you know you're getting a ton of digital games (especially full retail games digitally) go for 200GB or 256GB. I have a 128 GB microSD and still have about 80 GB free.

I think you're at a good time to get a Switch. If you waited until the holiday season, there would be other huge games coming out. Your backlog would get even bigger!

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COKTOE said:

2 docks for 2 TV's sounds good to me! Enjoy the new system. Have you ever thought about buying 2 Switch systems? - So you will both have access to one and won't have to share, as well as being able to play with each other more easily.

Actually, no.  But it's hard for me to justify $600 for two systems when I hardly have time to game on what I already have.  This is mainly why I keep push off on buying one.  But for now, it's going to be split screen on the television until getting a second Switch becomes a reality.

RolStoppable said:
1) If you buy another docking station, be sure to buy an official one from Nintendo. Third party docks don't provide the correct voltage and can kill the console over time.

3) A second set of Joy-Cons is only useful if you expect to play multiplayer with four people regularly. Otherwise, the purchase of a Pro Controller is more sensible, especially if you intend to use the console a lot to play games on a TV. The Pro Controller is more comfortable to hold than Joy-Cons with or without a Joy-Con grip.

6) Micro SD cards should only be purchased from reliable manufacturers such as Samsung and SanDisk. If you prefer to buy games physically, you won't need a micro SD card for a while because save games only need 10-100MB in the majority of cases. Prices for micro SD cards keep dropping over time, so managing to hold out literally pays off.

1) I normally try to stick with first party stuff.  But thanks on the insight on the voltage.

3) I can see us playing a fair amount of Mario Kart and ARMS.  More than likely, I'll buy steering wheels for Mario Kart.  Then, there is ARMS which I'll need another controller.  We'll go with the one set that comes with the console for now.

4) Physical games preferred so I can wait awhile until I buy an SD card.  But I might have a few spare from being an Android user.