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    < KLAMarine posted something on LivingMetal's wall:

    Nice avatar.

    Thanks. Sorry I haven't been on for a while. Being pulled in so many directions.

    on 07 June 2019

    Yes, don't let it happen again! :P

    on 07 June 2019

    < kirby007 posted something on LivingMetal's wall:


    What did I do this time...?

    on 16 May 2019

    < COKTOE posted something on LivingMetal's wall:

    So, I've been extra snoopy today. Was looking at your trophies.....I'm guessing you weren't feeling Cyber Dimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online.

    And I see that you've been playing the game itself. I have the game, and I have every intention of playing it. Just been busy. Very busy. Most of my leisure activities have been watching Attack on Titan and RWBY. If nothing else, I need to get back into fate extella. Trying to research more the options and the mechanics featured in the game before I get further into it. Have you been enjoying Neptunia online?

    on 21 April 2019

    From what I've played, yes! The combat is kinda weird. In the sense that you can block and parry, but even in the early going, it's fairly chaotic, and things seem to boil down to an all-out spaz fest assault in every confrontation. I haven't played too much though, and have yet to adjust the AI behavior at all, so maybe I'll find more nuance as I get more play time in. On a slightly depressing note....the game has some really fun and charming comedy-style fan service, and I'm bummed that this kind of thing is going to be drummed out of the this series. :(

    on 21 April 2019

    By the way, I loooove Attack On Titan, but have not seen past season 2. Patiently waiting for season 3 on blu-ray. I also have all the mangas that came bundled with the bonus dvd's. Both AOT and One Punch Man got me back into anime after basically a 20 year hiatus.

    on 21 April 2019

    In regards to Neptunia, I think I'll opt to purchase the Switch version of the upcoming Neptunia game due to the Sony censorship.

    on 21 April 2019

    In regards to Neptunia, I think I'll opt to purchase the Switch version of the upcoming Neptunia game due to the Sony censorship.

    on 21 April 2019

    One more thing. 4 Goddesses had an absolutely atrocious boot up procedure. Like PS1 era atrocious. The first time I started, I assumed it was a one time thing. Because how could this possibly be something the player has to endure every time they start a new game?

    From the PS4 dashboard, to the time you are actually in the game is probably close to 4 minutes. That's 5 or 6 company logos, a legal copyright warning, an insanely long loading screen, then another short wait from the start screen.

    on 02 May 2019

    Excuse me for my lack or research, but can you actually go online and team with others?

    on 02 May 2019

    Yes, absolutely. I have yet to try it though. Everything in the story can be done offline, online, or in some mix of both. I assume when online, you just do the missions/quests and don't see the story bits, but that's just me speculating. Also, there appear to be online-only quests that are the preferred method of obtaining certain rare items.

    on 02 May 2019

    I've read bad things about online though. For example, the host has no control over his/her own room. Players cannot be booted, so it's unsurprisingly common for scrubs to attach themselves to high level players, trying to complete high level quests. Also, and this is lovely, if the host is killed the entire party is immediately disbanded.

    on 02 May 2019

    Well, I heard the option was there and I normally don't play online but I was kind of curious as it might be worth my wild.

    on 02 May 2019

    Changing subjects I had to drop Dakota. She did something to herself recently I don't know what. Probably meth that's missing her up right now.

    on 02 May 2019

    Yep,I noticed. I used the google machine, and wow, she's been through the wringer the last few years. Couldn't find anything recent though.

    on 02 May 2019

    I did. Not good.

    on 03 May 2019

    Dish, dish. PM me if you have to. I took some extra time to look last night before I went to sleep and still came up empty handed.

    on 03 May 2019

    < outlawauron posted something on LivingMetal's wall:

    I liked Ultra Despair Girls. Far more than I should have honestly.

    Surprisingly, it more character depth and development than expected. A bit long winded in dialogue. And I will admit that I'm not a huge fan of the monokuma themselves, but the characters do help make up for them.

    on 21 January 2019

    You have a favorite character you would like to comment on?

    on 22 January 2019

    I really liked the chemistry that developed between the two MCs. Thought they really contrasted well and I enjoyed their growth and interactions.

    on 23 January 2019

    I honestly though I was NOT gonna like Toko after the first game. I actually liked her more than Komaru. I do wonder how Toko would have looked cleaned up. And no I did not Google ito find out. I just made myself curious.

    on 23 January 2019

    < LivingMetal updated his status:

    I really need a friend right now.

    I'm not in the best shape right now. Basically lost my apartment today and dealing with THE dumbest, dumb as a post idiot I have ever had to deal with. Back at my mom's full time ( with PS4 Pro :) ) until I move, 6 weeks at the earliest. Tired as fuck. I'm telling you this because I likely can't talk tonight, but I'll give you a dingle, on here or PSN ASAP tomorrow. Stay frosty Metal.

    on 16 January 2019

    After hearing your situation, I feel better already. But seriously sucks, man. Hope everything works out soon.

    on 16 January 2019

    Yeah, it sucks but it's not so bad in a way. I handled the situation fairly well at least. Hit me with a PM and let me know what's up. Just trying to get either of my Vita's working with ANY memory card at the moment. Most frustrating part of my day. Ha. :)

    on 16 January 2019

    Hang in there, boys. It can get tough, but just like that, things sometimes figure themselves out! :)

    on 24 January 2019

    Thanks CGI. I'm dreading having to move, but whadrugundo?

    on 24 January 2019

    A lot of my issues stem from work. Now, I've got a good job, and I'm thankful with what I've got. Wen when I have work related issues, they are either that bad or I'm taking things too personally. Thanks both of you, and keep me posted Coktoe.

    on 25 January 2019

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