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    < pbroy posted something on LivingMetal's wall:

    Her boobz look like they don't want to conform with that bra. It's kinda creepy

    Or maybe that was the point that her boobs did not want to conform with her bra. Or maybe again I picked this as an avy because it was the "safer" option of the ones I really wanted to choose. Eh, I'll change it just for you. But if I my next avy gets me banned, I'm coming after you.

    4 days ago

    If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.

    4 days ago

    Is this better??? You might have to visit a forum post to see the entire avy.

    4 days ago

    < Wright posted something on LivingMetal's wall:

    Who would this be? Her face looks familiar, but so does that chair and curtain.

    After seeing I had a notification, I'm glad it was you and not some mod trying to bang down my door for my new avatar which there is NOTHING wrong with.

    The character is Maya from Dragon Quest cosplayed by Mont Barbara. Or do a search on nonsummerjack. You might be familiar with her, but she's a new discovery for me.

    on 19 August 2016

    Wow, you feel bitter. Bad past experiences with avatars I presume? ;P

    And I'm slightly disappointed, because your avatar went on the opposite direction of what I was expecting, but still provides some quality pics out there. She's a new discovery for me as well now that you mentioned her, as I had her confused.

    on 19 August 2016

    Might I ask what sort of direction you were expecting?

    on 19 August 2016

    Her face, the chair and the curtain. Reminds me of a certain newhalf japanese porn actress, on her set.

    on 19 August 2016

    Oh, I see. I'm assume this cosplayer is all female. if not, then whatever. I was originally thinking you had thought I went the furry route for avys

    on 19 August 2016

    No, I'm fairly sure this one of yours is entirely female as well. Might dig up and search for whom I am thinking to see if you see the similarities.

    on 19 August 2016

    Sure. I'm sure it's worth the look.

    on 19 August 2016

    Looks like a dude to me...

    4 days ago

    < Wright posted something on LivingMetal's wall:

    Curious to see who you choose!

    Yo. Check out my response.

    on 08 August 2016

    < Ka-pi96 posted something on LivingMetal's wall:

    Hey. you're back!

    What avy did you get banned for anyway, can you PM it to me?

    My last avatar. I'll send it to you asap.

    on 02 August 2016

    Oh, I'd already seen that one. Guess the mods forgot to remove it after banning you or something :p

    on 02 August 2016

    Well, the one I accidently sent you was to be my next one. That's probably not going to fly as well. Hay, maybe dude that had me banned like the avy and wanted it up as long as possible.

    on 02 August 2016

    < Wright posted something on LivingMetal's wall:

    Yeah, those are good avatars alright. Too bad they get underappreciated. =P

    Yeah, it looks like I need to start a NSFW "Avatars I've been moderated and banned for" thread. It would be sort of a looking back retrospect sort of thing.

    on 02 August 2016

    You just need to get better at cropping. I've never been caught so far. ;)

    on 02 August 2016

    But your final results aren't as cool as mine. :)

    on 02 August 2016

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    Write 33

    Is the chertz better than it was a year ago?

    in Website Feedback 0 minutes ago

    What bothers me is that when forum contributors post a news article from another site in to these forums, the same sources are posted in the news article of this site. Is the staff leeching off of forum supports for new articles, or is this a coincidence? Also, leave my avys alone. The moderation of avatars is quite daft as evidently shown in a previous thread I started that got locked...

    Write 15

    I'm playing Danganronpa... (My Progression)

    in Sony Discussion 16 minutes ago

    I just spoiled the game to myself. It was purely by accident and absolutely unintended. I just finished chapter 4. I'm now down to 6 characters, but it might be actually be 7 for those who know what I'm talking about. Because so many characters have fallen, I had the "bright" idea of reading up on every deceased character to get a better feel on who they were incase I had missed something...

    Write 16

    Too Hot and Bothered (rant)

    in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago

    vivster said: LivingMetal said: Not sure if I understand.  Are you saying that because the cosplayer model is attractive, the mod felt the need to "remove temptation?"  Or are you saying that because you find that the cosplayer rupulsive, you were ecstatic beyond human ecstasy when the mod removed the avatar?  If you are of the latter position, then your opinion...


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