How many languages do you speak?

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How many languages do you speak?

1 14 17.07%
2 38 46.34%
3-4 25 30.49%
5-6 5 6.10%
7+ 0 0.00%

English, spanish and italian

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French and English. I've also learned German and Russian, but it's been too long for me to speak these fluently, even though I'm interested in re-learning German (or Brazilian Portuguese, idk yet)

German, English and Italian.

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I speak Swedish as a native language.
English is kind of like a native language to me vocabulary-wise, but I have an accent when speaking.
I'm learning French and can almost hold conversations in it.
I'm also learning korean, but I'm only at the level where I can recognize words here and there when I hear it.



Portuguese, English and Spanish.

But I'm learning Japanese now.

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Italian, english and Playstationish.

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I blame my parents for never teaching me their native tongues, but oh well.

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Since I am from Luxembourg I speak:
-Portuguese (from my parents)

In the future I will have to learn Dutch because I'm studying in Belgium and maybe if I have enough time I would like to study a bit japanese since I like it's culture.

As far as Human speaking languages I speak English and a teeny tiny bit of Japanese (like we talking microscopic).

I have instead focused on programming languages of which I know assembly, c, c++, c#, html, css, sass, java, javascript, fortran, php, and coldfusion. I know some others but not nearly as much as those.

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I can also sign. ;)