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By the way, I marked the name of every single one of you.

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m0ney said:
SvennoJ said:
Need for speed prostreet
Silent hill homecoming
Full Auto 2: Battlelines
We Ski
Max Payne 2

I've probably played worse further in the past, can't remember the names.

What the.. My worst game is whatever is your fav game.

I go with FFX-2, I don't even care that the turned it into charlie's angels, but I find the active battle system intolerable.

I never got far into Max Payne 2, it started off horribly, nothing like the first one. Perhaps I had a severe case of warehouse shoot out fatigue. I didn't get into FFX either. There were supposed to be no random battles, yet I was apparently misinformed and I kept getting interrupted again and again while going from place to place. Never liked blitzbball either. I enjoyed FF12 and FF13 much better.

sonic boom rise of lyric

Dead or Alive extreme beach volleyball

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

batman Forever on Gameboy.

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Skyrim was the worst game I've bought, but I'm sure there are a lot worse games.

Sonic (PS360)


Off of the top from my head... The Slaughtering Grounds.

Mortal kombat advance is pretty bad lol

here is my Wall of Shame (a.k. games I played but didn't finish)

Alone in the Dark New Nightmare
Crash 1
Dragon Age Inquisition
Hyper Void
Project Eden
Syphon Filter
The Thing
Vagrant Story