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After much deliberation, we've decided that bringing back the Moderator thread is a good thing to do.  While there have been some challenges with it, it's a good way to engage with the community.

Those of you who have been around for a while will remember that there have been moderator threads in the past.  They've eventually been locked for various reasons.  To ensure that this thread is productive, some guidelines will be in place.

  • We'll post topics for discussion and feedback in the title.  Discussion isn't limited to those topics by any means, but I appreciate it if you could spend some time on those topics.
  • I'd like for this to be a discussion about moderation in general.  Things we should be moderating and things we shouldn't.  The overall direction.
  • This should not be your first avenue to complain about bans. There is an email address for that, vgchartzmods@gmail.com.  Emails go to the entire mod team.  You can also speak with any member of the mod team if you have an issue with a moderation.
  • Disagreements between moderators must be handled between moderators directly or in mod chat.  Not here.
  • The moderator thread tends to get a lot of posts directed at the mods.  It's a lot of volume to respond to.  There will be times when we won't have capacity to respond to everything.
  • All of the regular rules apply in this thread.  There's no free pass to flame people here, even if it's in support of the mods. :)
  • We reserve the right to ask specific individuals not to post in this thread.
  • Please stay on topic.  If a discussion takes a tangent to something completely unrelated, it should probably move over to a new thread of its own.
Cheers, and thanks for participating.
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Community Consultation - The "Don't Call People Trolls" Rule.

Rule 13 of Forum Rules addresses Insults and Flaming.  Among other things, it states that you can't call a user a troll.  This rule has been discussed and debated extensively over the years.  I'm putting this up for discussion in this thread.

Arguments in favour of this rule:
- Calling a user a troll simply results in an escalated flame war and accomplishes very little
- One suggestion has been made to allow people to call someone a troll if they are in fact trolling.  However, this would result in the moderators deciding whether actual trolling was present, making the rule more subjective than the current blanket rule.
- The rule is very clear as it is written.  It's easy to avoid calling somebody a troll.

Arguments against this rule:
- Calling a user a troll can be an effective way to get them to tone down their trolling.  

I'll include these arguments in the second post of this thread and update them with new arguments that are posted here.




Moderator Recruitment is currently closed.  The recruitment thread is here:




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Beep boop. Did I do it right?


Yay! It's back!!!!!!!!!


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Beep boop. Did I do it right?

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