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Welcome to The Moderator Thread!

As with all VGChartz related threads, the Forum Rules apply to this thread as well.


  • This Is BIG: We are open to all kinds of critiques, feedback, and concerns, but doing so must be done in a manner that is professional, respectful, and above all else, backed up with evidence/facts. Any baseless or unsupported accusation or criticism does not help anyone and therefore can be treated as Flaming, Spamming, and/or an unfounded attack on a moderator. Let's avoid that!
  • If you have/had an issue with a moderation issued to you, it is highly recommended that you either PM the moderator who issued it or PM a Head Moderator (myself or Ryuu96), as this is the quickest and most effective way to get answers. The mod team cannot speak for the individual moderator and might not be aware of the situation, history, and original report. We will do the best we can to get your questions answered, but for the most complete answer, talk to the moderator who issued out the moderation.
  • In the same way, if you have an issue with a moderation issued to another user, the best, most efficient way to get a complete answer is to ask the moderator who issued said ban. Again, it is highly recommended that you PM the moderator in question for the quickest answer.
  • This is not the place to ask for moderation on another user. Report said user's potentially moderatable post/thread and let the mod team handle it from there on out.
  • This is not the place to ask why your report did not result in a moderation for a user. Be respectful of the process and trust that every report is carefully examined before it is either dismissed or acted upon.
  • We will try to answer each and every question as best as we can. If your question isn't answered, it's not because we're purposely ignoring you. PM a moderator(s) with the question or a link to the post so that we can answer your question as quickly as we can.
  • If you are still unsatisfied, you can email us at vgchartzmods@gmail.com


Breaking any of these rules can and will result in a moderation against you. So, please, PLEASE respect the parameters we have set in place.

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Community Consultation - The "Don't Call People Trolls" Rule.

Rule 13 of Forum Rules addresses Insults and Flaming.  Among other things, it states that you can't call a user a troll.  This rule has been discussed and debated extensively over the years.  I'm putting this up for discussion in this thread.

Arguments in favour of this rule:
- Calling a user a troll simply results in an escalated flame war and accomplishes very little
- One suggestion has been made to allow people to call someone a troll if they are in fact trolling.  However, this would result in the moderators deciding whether actual trolling was present, making the rule more subjective than the current blanket rule.
- The rule is very clear as it is written.  It's easy to avoid calling somebody a troll.

Arguments against this rule:
- Calling a user a troll can be an effective way to get them to tone down their trolling.  

I'll include these arguments in the second post of this thread and update them with new arguments that are posted here.




Moderator Recruitment is currently closed.  The recruitment thread is here:




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Beep boop. Did I do it right?


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Beep boop. Did I do it right?

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