Forums - Website Feedback - [Staff] The Monthly Ban Report - August 2014: All the "M" Account Names Have Been Taken Edition

Users of VGChartz, with this thread we try to make the actions of the mod team more transparent.

All usual forum rules apply. If you have a question on a ban you have recieved, it is highly recommended that you either contact the Moderator who issued out your moderation or the head Moderator (AxumBlade) through our PM system or email ( For other users, you may criticise certain actions as long as you stay respectful and have valid points to back up your claims.

  • DO NOT try to use the following information to provoke other users (including those who were moderated).
  • This is NOT a place to request bans for other users.
User Moderated: Reason Moderated: Days Banned: Moderated By:
*SoundOfRain Requested Permanent ConeGamer
1360 Flaming 3 ConeGamer
1diots Alternate ID (Wanderlei) Permanent Kantor
4k1x3r Trolling 3 StarCraft
AbnormalSoprano Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Mr Khan
Ali_16x Trolling 3 StarCraft
Amak11 Flaming 20 Smeags
Anddo Trolling 3 StarCraft
Arkaign Trolling 3 Viper1
ArtOfAngelsSucksCock Dumb Name Permanent Smeags
Aura_Warrior Alternate ID (Zero999) Permanent Smeags
AZWification Other 3 Smeags
BadFungus Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
BanMeNowPlease Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Mr Khan
BentOverMyKnee Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
BigReasoning Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Kantor
BlackMages Alternate ID (Zero999) Permanent Smeags
BlindLoyalty Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Mr Khan
Blood_Tears Trolling 3 StarCraft
Blood_Tears Flaming 1 Mr Khan
Blood_Tears Flaming 3 Mr Khan
Bob.Gamer.Fucker Alternate ID (Zero999) Permanent ConeGamer
Bokal Flaming 1 ConeGamer
Bouboumorveu Trolling 5 ConeGamer
BrainAmoeba Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Viper1
BrainExplodes Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Smeags
BreakerOfOaths Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Smeags
BusterMan Alternate ID (DogRemag) Permanent Smeags
CauseOfPriceLOL Alternate ID (YukanaSenix) Permanent Mr Khan
Cerveau Flaming 3 ConeGamer
Chaotic_Abyss Alternate ID (WildWildWest515) Permanent Carl2291
ChartzIsSoFail Alternate ID (YukanaSenix) Permanent Conegamer
Cheryl Trolling 1 Smeags
Cold_Cobra_ Trolling 3 Mr Khan
ComeAtMeBros Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Carl2291
CoronaryExplosion Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Carl2291
DanielsMD Flaming Permanent Viper1
DareDevil.Shark Trolling 3 Carl2291
DareDevil.Shark Trolling 5 Mr Khan
DarkThirty1995 Flaming 10 StarCraft
DarkWraith Flaming 10 Smeags
DaveyBoy88 Flaming 3 ConeGamer
DaveyBoy88 Trolling 5 ConeGamer
DeadBigFoot21 Flaming 30 Mr Khan
DerNebel Flaming 5 Mr Khan
DingoAteMyBaby Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Smeags
Dmick90 Flaming 3 TruckOSaurus
DoctorSlim Flaming 1 Kresnik
DoggyNutSack Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Viper1
DogRemag Trolling 3 StarCraft
DogRemag Alternate ID 7 Kantor
DogRemag Alternate ID Permanent Smeags
DoodleBug515 Flaming 3 StarCraft
DoodleBug515 Alternate ID (WildWildWest515) Permanent Carl2291
Dr.Henry_Killinger Flaming 5 StarCraft
Drake_Tolu Flaming 7 ConeGamer
EdHieron Trolling 20 ConeGamer
ElasticLegs Flaming 3 StarCraft
ElasticLegs Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Mr Khan
Endimion Flaming 14 ConeGamer
EpicStanky Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
EuropePS4Master1 Alternate ID (YukanaSenix) Permanent ConeGamer
Eraser.Of.Evil Alternate ID (Zero999) Permanent Kresnik
ErrorPwns Flaming 1 Carl2291
ErwinMoC Spamming 3 StarCraft
ErwinMoC Flaming 5 Mr Khan
Experimental42 Flaming 5 Carl2291
Fatality Flaming 10 ConeGamer
Fighter Requested Permanent StarCraft
FireBurn95 Flaming 3 StarCraft
FireBurn95 Trolling 3 Kresnik
FlamingBlob Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Smeags
GameGod Trolling 3 Smeags
GameMaster4747 Flaming 1 TruckOSaurus
GameMaster4747 Trolling 1 Carl2291
GamingGamer Alternate ID (DogRemag) Permanent Kantor
Generic-User-1 Flaming 7 ConeGamer
Geomancer3 Alternate ID (BlackGoku09) Permanent Smeags
GigaGimp Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
GoldenGamer Trolling 3 StarCraft
GoldenGamer Alternate ID (Remag) Permanent Kantor
GolfIsToMuch Alterante ID (YukanaSenix) Permanent ConeGamer
GouliBouli Flaming 10 Mr Khan
GouliBouli Alternate ID (BluBliBla) Permanent TruckOSaurus
HailBlaze Alternate ID (Zero999) Permanent ConeGamer
Haxxiy Flaming 1 Kantor
HailPrometheus Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Carl2291
HaloReach2014 Flaming 5 CpneGamer
HaloReach2014 Trolling Permanent Torillian
HardCore_Gamer Flaming 1 ConeGamer
HaterStompers Alternate ID (Zero999) Permanent Smeags
IAmAMadeGuy Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Viper1
IAmBlethor Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
IAmNotASkank Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
IAmPizzaGod Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
IAmPlethora Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
IAmRight Alternate ID (YukanaSenix) Permanent Smeags
Intrinsic Flaming 3 ConeGamer
IvoryAndEbony Alternate ID (Random15) Permanent Viper1
Ji99saw Flaming 1 Smeags
Jimbo1337 Flaming 1 ConeGamer
Jega Trolling 7 Mr Khan
Jeroid Requested Permanent ConeGamer
Jnemesh Spamming 1 ConeGamer
Jnemesh Flaming 7 StarCraft
JPL78 Trolling 1 Mr Khan
JPL78 Requested Permanent Mr Khan
Kane1389 Flaming 10 Smeags
KinlochKing Trolling 1 ConeGamer
KinlochKing Trolling 3 TruckOSaurus
Kitler Flaming 3 Viper1
Kitler Other 7 ConeGamer
Kowenicki Flaming 10 Kantor
KowensSalty Alternate ID (A Coward) Permanent Smeags
Krippaz Flaming 5 Carl2291
KungKras Flaming 1 Mr Khan
KupoMogli Flaming 7 ConeGamer
Launch_Day Alternate ID (PlayStation_Legend) Permanent StarCraft
Leyendax69 Flaming 3 Smeags
LiquorAndGunFun Trolling 5 Viper1
LogicMaster Alternate ID (DogRemag) Permanent ConeGamer
MagnusSupreme Alternate ID (Overman1) Permanent Smeags
MajorSocks Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent TruckOSaurus
MassiveFailure Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Carl2291
MassiveFart Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent TruckOSaurus
MasterCoconut Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Smeags
MasterCrabWalk Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Smeags
MasterRaceJoke Alternate ID (YukanaSenix) Permanent ConeGamer
Maverick40 Trolling 1 Mr Khan
MegaDrive08 Flaming 7 ConeGamer
MentalChasm Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
MentalDancing Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
MentalDiarhea Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permenant ConeGamer
MentalSiezure Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Smeags
MentalFeet Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
MilkyFeet Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
MilkyFoot Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Carl2291
MindWrecker Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Mr Khan
MineIsBetter Alternate ID (YukanaSenix) Permanent Smeags
MissionToJupitar Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Smeags
MonadoIV Alternate ID (Zero999) Permanent Smeags
Monado3 Alternate ID (Zero999) Permanent Mr Khan
Monadoll Alternate ID (Zero999) Permanent Mr Khan
MythicalHuman Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
N-Skyline Requested Permanent ConeGamer
NeoRatt Flaming 3 Carl2291
NickK Trolling 1 Kresnik
NightFox Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Smeags
NotAnAlt2014 Alternate ID (DD_Bwest) Permanent Smeags
OhMyLanta1003 Flaming 1 ConeGamer
OttoniBastos Flaming 7 Smeags
Overman1 Flaming 1 Smeags
Overman1 Alternate ID 3 Smeags
Padib Flaming 20 Mr Khan
PattonFiend Flaming 1 Kantor
PattonFiend Flaming Permanent Smeags
Phaedruss Flaming 5 Mr Khan
Phaedruss Flaming 5 StarCraft
PigPen Flaming 1 StarCraft
PigPen Trolling 3 Mr Khan
PigPen Flaming 7 Kresnik
PillarOfLight Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Carl2291
PJams Flaming 10 ConeGamer
PlanetaryShock Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
Play4Fun Flaming 5 ConeGamer
PlayStation_Prophet Other 1 ConeGamer
PriceCutWillFixItLOL Alternate ID (YukanaSenix) Permanent ConeGamer
Prinz_Valium Trolling 1 StarCraft
PS3-Sales! Flaming 3 StarCraft
PS4MasterRaceLOLX1 Alternate ID (YukanaSenix) Permanent StarCraft
PS4TW Flaming 3 ConeGamer
PsychoBliss Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
Random15 Trolling Permanent Carl2291
Random15 Trolling (Last Chance Wasted) Permanent Viper1
Raziel123 Trolling 3 StarCraft
Raziel123 Alternate ID Permanent Carl2291
Reggin_Bolas Flaming 1 StarCraft
ReturnOfUcell Alternate ID (Ucell) Permanent Smeags
Richard_Feynman Flaming 7 StarCraft
Richard_Feynman Flaming 7 Mr Khan
RolStoppable Flaming 3 Smeags
Ronster316 Flaming 1 StarCraft
Ronster316 Flaming 5 ConeGamer
RubberWhistleHistle Spamming 3 ConeGamer
RubberWhistleHistle Spamming 5 Mr Khan
Ryudo Flaming 5 Mr Khan
S.T.A.G.E. Trolling 10 Viper1
SaberSaurus Flaming 1 StarCraft
SeeceLOL123 Alternate ID (YukanaSenix) Permanent ConeGamer
ShikaIdiot Alternate ID (Zero999) Permanent ConeGamer
Shinobi-San Requested Permanent Kresnik
Shortiloe Flaming 3 Viper1
Silver.Eyes Alternate ID (Zero999) Permanent Carl2291
Small44 Quote Trees 1 ConeGamer
SneakySamurai Alternate ID (SqueakySamurai) Permanent StarCraft
Sony-For-Life Flaming 1 Smeags
SoullessEyes Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Smeags
SqueakySamurai Flaming 3 StarCraft
SqueakySamurai Alternate ID 14 ConeGamer
SqeakySnake Alternate ID (SqueakySamurai) Permanent ConeGamer
StarMissile Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent ConeGamer
Summon Alternate ID (Zero999) Permanent ConeGamer
Svengoolie Flaming 3 ConeGamer
SweeToothJ Flaming 1 Carl2291
SweeToothJ Trolling 5 ConeGamer
TBone51 Quote Trees 1 ConeGamer
Telsta Trolling 1 TruckOSaurus
ThatLogicFail Alternate ID (YukanaSenix) Permanent ConeGamer
TheDrill Trolling 7 Kantor
TheForgotten1 Alternate ID (WildWildWest515) Permanent TruckOSaurus
TheGreatestOfAllPS4 Alternate ID (YukanaSenix) Permanent Smeags
TheTwilightTriforce Flaming 1 ConeGamer
TheTwilightTriforce Trolling 14 Viper1
ToastBoy44562 Trolling 14 Smeags
Train Wreck Trolling 5 Mr Khan
TrappedUnderground Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent TruckOSaurus
True_Fan Flaming 7 Smeags
Ucell Flaming Permanent ConeGamer
UnchartedTheKiller Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent Viper1
UTKresh Alternate ID (Kreshi) Permanent Carl2291
VengefullSpleen Alternate ID (FlamingWeazel) Permanent StarCraft
VGFailChartz Alternate ID (YukanaSenix) Permanent ConeGamer
VGChartzSux Alternate ID (A Coward)
Permanent Smeags
VGCSucks Alternate ID (DogRemag) Permanent StarCraft
VitroBahllee Spamming 1 Smeags
Vivster Flaming 3 StarCraft
Wanderlei Flaming 20 ConeGamer
Wanderlei Trolling Permanent Carl2291
Waza2323 Flaming 1 Smeags
WebMasterFlex Flaming 1 Smeags
WildWildWest515 Trolling 1 Carl2291
WildWildWest515 Alternate ID Permanent Carl2291
XenoLord Alternate ID (Zero999) Permanent ConeGamer
XTitanXO Flaming 3 ConeGamer
XTitanXO Flaming 7 ConeGamer
XTitanXO Trolling 3 StarCraft
XTitanXO Trolling Permanent StarCraft
Y2JArmyOfficial Trolling 3 StarCraft
Zelhawks37 Trolling 1 Kresnik
Zoombael Flaming 5 StarCraft
ZyroXZ2 Flaming 1 ConeGamer
  • 241 Unique Bans

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Yay my name is not on the list :)


edit:  well sorta lol

I am Torgo, I take care of the place while the master is away.

"Hes the clown that makes the dark side fun.. Torgo!"

Ha.. i won my bet, but i wasnt around to gloat because im on a better forum!  See ya guys on Viz


So... this will be the last Mod Report where we'll list Zero999 and FlamingWeazel alts. It's a waste of my time and to be honest, they don't deserve the attention, mockery, or whatever else. They're wasting your time, our time, and even their time. It's time to move on.

With that said, let's push away from discussion regarding Zero999 and FlamingWeazel. Like I said, they're not worth your time, and certainly not worth any attention. So there's my warning about it. Talk about others, but don't talk about them. This will be the last you'll see of them on these Mod Reports. :)

Is gloating about somebody's ban against the rules?

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

Biased reviews are a pleasure to read. Just my opinion, of course.

Smeags said:

ArtOfAngelsSucksCock Dumb Name Permanent Smeags

Best ban reason ever

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RolStoppable said:
Is gloating about somebody's ban against the rules?

It is, , point 3.

The Truck : "You know, five years ago, if I had to make a list of impossible things that would never happen, Sony finally showcasing The Last Guardian and a Final Fantasy VII remake, would have been right at the top of the list. But I'd be wrong, wouldn't I?"
Sony : "I'm sorry, was that a question? Of impossible things that could never happen, in this case, yes, you would have been wrong."

I still haven't been banned! #Proud

Teeqoz, keeper of the ponies. And Cone's secret lover. Shh, don't tell anyone.

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I bet PS4 will have 50% or more marketshare by end of 8th gen, RubberWhistleHistle bets it won't.

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Shitty that Shinobi left. He was a good user.


You do some good work, Smeags. Others probably would have gotten sick of writing about [REDACTED] long before you.

My only statement on the matter was that i've been trying to recite the famous Hamlet soliloquy for every [REDACTED] alt i ban. See how far i get...

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

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Teeqoz said:
I still haven't been banned! #Proud

Lucky! Try and keep that record going