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Users of VGChartz, with this thread we try to make the actions of the mod team more transparent.
This is going to be a test and will return on a monthly basis as long as everything stays within set limits. All usual forum rules apply. You may criticise certain actions as long as you stay respectful and have valid points to back up your claims. It is still recommended to directly PM the responsible moderator (or the lead moderator axumblade)

DON'T try to use the following information to provoke other users
This is NOT a place to request bans for other users

Previous months:

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I do not understand how some people manage to come back then get a longer ban for the same exact thing that they did last time.

And the winner is ...... YukanaSenix with its staggerin 60 day ban for flaming! WOW!

Look at all those alts.


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Weedlab said:
Look at all those alts.

Yeah lots of permabanned members make new accounts and think we don't notice, but we have our ways.

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There is a lot of 2+ bans for many of those users and quite some requested ones as well.

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Whats with the requested bans?.. lol whats the fun out of that.. its better to let the very wise mods to decide ...

new month new ban!.. which lucky mod will do it this time =)

.. @barozi lol seriously you really do have stupid users .. I just called them out by their middle name 'stupid'


Still never will I see myself in these lists.

Lots of bans this month, wow. Though there's a fair few tensions on the site as it stands...

Similarly, it's clear some mods are far more active than others.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

The number of requested bans isn't such a bad thing. It's good when people step away before it gets the best of them... I would prefer some people stick around rather than leave the site entirely because they can't tolerate it or is getting to them too much.