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I been considering selling mine, but what stale me on acting is Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. but I don't want another Smash and Kart box, I had a Wii. The way it sound, the Wii U is aiming to be the same, I'm personality prefer to get Smash Bros. for the 3DS and re buy Mario Kart 7 and selling my Wii U for the PS4. That's and idea.

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 Yeah. I am going to  sell  my Wii U  now that  it will start getting the games I want the most.


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Well... I bought it for Smash and X so I am gonna keep it... The only console I have ever sold was my vita


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It would be pretty weird for people to sell their Wii U's when the games are finally coming out. But to each their own I guess.

Dont have one but may actually buy one when the price drops.

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Err... i am considering buying one... so nope, not gonna sell it anytime soon.

The only console i remember selling was my original Xbox. The games i wanted to keep were backwards compatible on the 360 and i just didnt want the monster around anymore.

mine lasted just over 3 months before i got rid, i could picture the controller wearing in without any replacements on the shelves wasnt impressed

Thought about it. Kept it.

well.. I have the console and 19 games in my collection right now and will definetely get at least 10+ games this year so.... there would be no point in selling it. Maybe in the future, when it will get a high status among collectors, just like the Dreamcast has now.

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I never really sell my consoles, only time I was tempted was 360, but I had way to many games for it, so I couldn't.

Oh I sold my extra PSP if that counts.