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Which is better? N64 or GameCube?

N64 252 60.72%
GameCube 163 39.28%

I love GameCube and N64, they're my favorite Nintendo systems. And everytime I play them I think man i love games. But which one is the best?......................................I know i do a lot of polls I just like to see what other people think besides me and my friends.

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Gamecube by a country mile.

             It was a really hard choice, but I had to go with GameCube.. It had the best Zelda game ( yes, I  like WW more than OoT and MM),  it had the best Metroid game ever, it had the best Mario Kart game, it had the best Paper Mario game, it had the best  F-Zero game, it had the best Smash Bros game. At the same time it also had the worst Star Fox games, worst DK games, worst Mario Party games... That's why I'd say the difference is really small.

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N64 = Best Nintendo system ever

GC = Worst Nintendo home console I've owned

Easy choice.

GC will win because of the age groups voting. Most people on the internet are in their early 20's. If you're in your early 20's, you were a child when Gamecube was doing it's thing and thus, was likely your first console.

But, for those of us who were actually young adults when OOT launched, the answer is obvious.

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N64= Best platformers/racers! (SM64+DK64+Banjo and Kazooie(and Tooie) with MK64+Diddy Kong racing! Also Star Fox!

GCN= SSBM+Paper Mario 64+Metroid Prime+RE4+Pikmin(2)

It's a though one... Gamecube made me love games, but N64 has the nostalgia going for it.

I'll pick N64 since platformer is one of my favourite genre and the 64 got me covered :)

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Gamecube, because the controller was so beast compared to N64's piece of shit.

Also, the games felt much more refined, transition from SNES to 64 was kinda rocky because of the jump from 2D to 3D, I felt Gamecube games were much more polished in regards to the 3D element.

Also, Wind Waker. ^____^

I can completely understand either of these two consoles winning but for me it is without a doubt the N64.
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N64 cause of the platformers and the memorable games it had!


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