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The Humble Indie Bundle has taken a turn for the mainstream, today offering the Humble THQ Bundle, which includes six THQ games for whatever price you think they're worth, available for two weeks. Saints Row: The Third is the bundle's locked game, freed up only if you pay more than the average.

The six games up for grabs are Company of Heroes, CoH: Tales of Valor, CoH: Opposing Fronts, Red Faction: Armageddon, Metro 2033 and Darksiders. Each purchase comes with the soundtracks for Saints Row: The Third, Darksiders and Red Faction: Armageddon, and two Company of Heroes compilations.

As always, the Humble Bundle includes the option to distribute your money as you wish, between charity, THQ or Humble Bundle itself. If you're looking for a monetary serving suggestion, may we suggest looking up THQ's current stock price and following along with us as it navigates a path of financial turmoil.



I had to get that.

Now also includes Titan's Quest and Red Faction: Armageddon - Path to War DLC

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Now I feel bad for posting in the other thread first. Amazing bundle, but unfortunately I already have Metro, CoH and Darksiders. Maybe I'll grab it for Saints Row and the soundtracks. Very tempting.

I would give everything to THQ though. They need it

nice but why did i already buy all of that for pc or console?

This is great but I already have just about all of them. Also, they really, REALLY should have had DoW on there.

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vlad321 said:
This is great but I already have just about all of them. Also, they really, REALLY should have had DoW on there.

Agree, that is one game I don't have yet!

Pretty angry that I just bought the amazon THQ bundle a week ago. Bought this regardless. Saints Row the Third is worth the average price alone, and it's a seperate steam key. I'll just give the other games to a friend.

All the other games are combined into one steam key though as a warning for those who wanted to split them up.

Regardless even if you only want 2 of the games in this bundle, it is a great deal. I've never seen any of them for under $5 individually, and I think the lowest saints row the third has been is around $10.

Another warning, the average price is going up a penny a minute, so if you are interested in saints row the third, buy it soon because it will probably be over 8 bucks within a few hours.

ok still bought it now,

crissindahouse said:
ok still bought it now,

If you paid more than the average you may need to contact their customer support as you can't currently activate that game on your Steam account when you're from Germany.

It's a great deal, but I have Metro 2033, Saints Row III, Darksiders and I'm not interested in the others. They are also some seriously big downloads compared to the smaller bundles.

I usually pay considerably more than the minimum for the Humble Bundles, even if I've never heard of the little indie games. But this time I think I'll have to pass. I'll think about it though. I might pay just to support the charity.

After a few days they usually throw in a bonus. I might jump in at that time.