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I just watched Dragon (2006 film)... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0858436/

...needless to say, it was a fucking disaster. I only borrowed it from my friend because he told me about how shit it was, and i wanted to see it with my own eyes.

The cast were unknown, and terrible at acting (especially the main character....wow, she sucked)

The special effects were laughable (the dragon looked like the dragon from Jason and the Argonauts (1963 film)...but worse)

Throughout the entire film the set didnt change (every scene was shot in the one forest)

The make-up was ridiculous (the women were wearing shiny lip-gloss)

The costumes were ridiculous (one of the guys was wearing the fakest wig you could possibly imagine)

The soundtrack was AWFUL...seriously, i had to mute the TV at one point

The writing was terrible (the lines were cheesy and im pretty sure i couldve predicted every line of dialogue if i had paused the TV)


However, despite it's many flaws, I LOVED IT!! 

Throughout the entire film I was in hysterical laughter most of the time...it just got worse and worse, which made it even funnier! On paper the film shouldnt work, BUT IT DOES!!

Anyway, I was just wondering what other shitty films the VGChartz community could reccommend to me. Soo...what's the worst film you've ever seen?

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The Dark Knight

O_O Where ya at?





OT: I'd have to say... something that I can't even remember the name of. I've seen a few complete boring pos I should have just left the room. But I don't remember the names.

Alien vs Hunter. A real piece of shite.

Where The Wild Things Are.

And Cracker Jack'd... which sounds exactly as bad as it really is, if not worse.

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Snakes on a plain. 

God that movie was so bad!

Edit: There is also Birdemic: Shock and Terror, but that's the kind of movie that is so bad it's actually funny

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RedInker said:
Alien vs Hunter. A real piece of shite.

YES! That sounds perfect! (1.7 on IMDB). I'm gonna download it now...

Ninjia vs Aliens I was fooled by the title :(


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man-bear-pig said:
RedInker said:
Alien vs Hunter. A real piece of shite.

YES! That sounds perfect! (1.7 on IMDB). I'm gonna download it now...

Good luck if you're gonna watch it. Soooo bad.

Dragon Wars...words cannot describe how bad that movie was

also deep impact...not even Morgan Freeman could save that movie

Big Fat Liar.....In all honesty though, we watched the movie just to troll it the whole time.

If we're talking about movie that I was seriously somewhat interested in that turned out to be terrible....The Spirit was pretty high up on the list.