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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - A New Batman Video Game on the Wii !

I think it depends on who is developing it.

Ubisoft - Imagine: Batman Babyz
EA - AA:Reflex (as someone stated above)
Konami - Dance Dance Batman
DataDesign - Gingerbat Man

Although, Arkham Asylum Resort sounds like fun. WM+ controlled batarangs?? *drools*

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If i'd have to guess. I'd guess it was a "Brave and the Bold" tie in. Prolly nothing to get too excited about.

I mean it won't even have the right voice actor!

Here's hopin i'm wrong though.

Seeing as the articles say its going to be based on the TV series 'The Brave and the Bold', that could be a mixed bag. While the original Batman: The Animated Series was one of the best parts of the Batman franchise and took a lot from the original comics (even had some of the comics original writers), it still had some lackluster games tied to it. This game might be the same.

Only time will tell. But I'll certainly give them the benefit of the doubt. The last 2 Batman games were definitely higher quality than I ever expected.  The Brave and the Bold series did the same thing for me, turning out to be a pretty good show where I thought it was just going to be another cheap knock-off series targeting kids like Batman Beyond and 'The Batman'.

Six upcoming games you should look into:



batman returns snes virtual consel. please

On-rails batman incoming.


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elmerion said:
Arkham Asylum Resort seems pretty win to me =D

First mission beat the joker at surfing!

morenoingrato said:
I hope it's arkaham asylum 2 for wii

they would put the first one out first.


bmmb1 said:
Arkham Asylum: Reflex

I lol'd.


I liked this one better than Arkham Asylum Resort.

So instead of Batman AA Wii owners get Batman BB?

It's Batman AAA. To show people that the Wii will pass the GC in number of quality titles.

Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here?