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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - A New Batman Video Game on the Wii !

Warning cause this information is not official BUT Warner bros. revealed this information into his planning.

Today, a lot of French website said this game will be around the Comics serie of Batman.

Hope that's true !


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Arkham Asylum 2: Wii Edition confirmed!

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Cheap Batman cashin confirmed.

The indication of the first link hints at Wii and DS. This tells me that it's a developer with a lesser budget, short time period to churn out a quick game. They are trying to cash in on the next Batman game and Movie. While The Batman popularity is in an upswing.

Seriously with AA being good, they are hoping for stupid people to buy a crummy game.

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I agree with both of the above comments.

it better not be crap, i mean i want a batman game on wii, but all we got was Lego batman.. i hope its not Lego batman 2 lol

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oh i cant read the writing lol

I don't mind lesser budget or a game made in less time. Not being a Lego game, being based on the Comics is two good steps. A Batman game for Wii does not need high budget and long development time to be better then many core games out there for the small console. It just has to be good enough, look well enough and have at least okay controls.

I prefer a new batman game builded from ground zero for the wii. Lets hope it is not a port of AA.

I am hoping for something like Brave and the Bold kind of game.

I hope it's arkaham asylum 2 for wii

It said Batman Brave and the Bold, it's not an original batman game like AA, its probably not going to be a good game sadly.

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