Forums - Sales Discussion - PS3 is ABOVE X360 in OTHERS!

Yeah, go see the sales! PS3 finally dethroned the 360 from its HD throne in others, and is now at 2nd place, leading by a measly 50k. (13.97m vs 13.92m)

FINALLY is all I can say!

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3 milestones in one day it seems!!!!!!!!

Here is another:


It's a happy day!

lol......."Oh happy day".......


Never underestimate the playstation brand.

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Yeah! And obviously, that gap is only gonna grow in the favor of the PS3!

Again !

I guess it won't last long though (NATAL and then 3D on the PS3 side etc.). The battle for OTHERS has only begun....

an epic day today is

The gap will last and grow until NATAL at least.