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What will be the best selling game in December?

Assassin's Creed II 440 6.44%
Final Fantasy XIII 2,047 29.98%
Modern Warfare 2 1,885 27.60%
New Super Mario Bros. Wii 2,234 32.71%
Wii Fit Plus 83 1.22%
Other 140 2.05%


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nsmb wii win! because ff xiii are only comes out in japan this month and it maybe sell in 1 week ,2 mill.

c0rd said:
c0rd said:

The crazy part is, FFXIII may not even outsell NSMB Wii in its only region, Japan.

Once again, people mistake the poll questions for, "What is your favorite game?"

Honestly, NSMB Wii's sales without Japan may outdo all of the games listed.

After seeing this week's sales, if they're accurate, it looks like the bold above is likely.

Doesn't surprise me, yet the game got only 32% of the poll votes!

Well most people on this site are more of the "hardcore" type.

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Looking through the thread, you'd think 60%+ were voting NSMB, but the poll does not reflect that.

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Oooh, embedded polls.

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Demotruk said:
Looking through the thread, you'd think 60%+ were voting NSMB, but the poll does not reflect that.

Because not everyone that votes does also post his/her opinion here.

Wii Sports probably.

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I can't believe people vote for Modern Warfare 2... It's not it's opening week or anything... I'll
go with Mario...

dhart has a point...........

I'm flabbergasted that it's so close between NSMB, FFXIII and MW2. I would have thought NSMB would be up there at about 90%. The other 10% having never heard of NSMB before.

Poll would have been interesting had it excluded NSMB, so the question would have been "What will be the 2nd best selling game this December?" Might have had a few more people going for other games.

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