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What will be the best selling game in December?

Assassin's Creed II 440 6.44%
Final Fantasy XIII 2,047 29.98%
Modern Warfare 2 1,885 27.60%
New Super Mario Bros. Wii 2,234 32.71%
Wii Fit Plus 83 1.22%
Other 140 2.05%


Metroid: Other M

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MontanaHatchet said:
Kasz216 said:
MontanaHatchet said:
I expected more votes for Modern Warfare 2. This should be interesting...

Ha i got your back.  I voted MW2.  Though who knows.

I guess most people don't expect it to have very big legs, even for more than a couple weeks. And what really surprises me is that Wii Fit Plus isn't getting more votes when it's selling very steadily and could post some big numbers.

Even if the game had great legs, NSMB Wii just released in the west, and is releasing in Japan that very month. An opening month on top of a holiday boost (which is huge on Wii games) is going to be massive. I mean, SSBB in Japan sold ~1.4mil in its first month (NSMBWii is looking like it'll come close to its first week). Last year, MK Wii did ~2.8mil in December in the west alone, and these sales were months after the game's launch.

I can't see NSMB Wii doing any less than 4mil in December worldwide, so Modern Warfare 2's December would have to be at least 25% higher than CoD:World at War's.

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Modern Warfare 2, all the way. Then, New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Final Fantasy XIII gets third place because it's Japan-only, PlayStation 3-only (the PS3 doesn't even sell all that well over there compared to the portable systems) and its launching past mid-December.


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It's been a week now since this thread started and more data is available (sales ending November 28 and first week numbers for New Super Mario Bros in Japan). Based on this I expect the following outcome:

1. NSMB Wii (Having its Japanese launch included within the December numbers is a major advantage. Outside of Japan it should be able to hold its own compared to Call of Duty and Wii Fit Plus and its Japanese sales mean it can even take some damage there)
2. Wii Fit Plus (Although it got outsold by Call of Duty last week its sales are going up while Call of Duty sales are declining. Even if the decline stops in the coming weeks Wii Fit Plus should be able to overcome the gap by increasing its sales. But in the end it will be close, so it could go either way)
3. Call of Duty (Sales should remain high, but like already mentioned I think Wii Fit Plus will just sneak past it in sales for December)


Final Fantasy XIII

NSMB with ease

Probably NSMB wii but FF XIII will sell like crazy

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