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really pursue the game-play experiance?

2D Games still look good. Check out LBP fpr evidence.

I usually agree with my man but this time to be honest he is chatting shit

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Agree...2d is the way. After playing through the awesome SNES era, I became a sad kid in the N64 era. From one day to the other they decided to throw out 2d and make everything in 3d, just like the animation industry after the success of the pixar movies. Shameful and ignorant decision.

I agree. I like 3D, but it is nice to see some games in 2D.

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austin2359 said:

I agree with Miyamoto.

In my opinion, the reason nintendo lost so much ground to sony in the n64 and gamecube years was that sony made it all about 3d with their motion picture strategy, but Nintendo dominates in 2d. I like 3d nintendo but 2d nintendo sells.


The wii is going back to the roots.  Wii fit is like track meet.  Super mario brothers is back.  Gameplay over graphics is back.  I liked the gamecube, but I think the wii brings back a lot of what made the NES succesful.

Nintendo never lost a dime in gameplay, of course 3D Mario doesn't sell like 2D Mario, but the gameplay of Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy is superb... And that's only talking about Mario... Do you know what game is the simple best example about Nintendo 3D gameplay?

You guessed:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

And i can mention a lot of Ninty games with fun 3D gameplay... That wasn't what dragged Nintendo to the 2nd and 3rd place... The 64 greatest issue was the cartridges, developers jumped ship because of this, Square in particular fought Nintendo, and when they were looking for an option Sony appeared and closed the deal quicker than a roadrunner on meth... Once Square was out and FF7 was selling millions everywhere on the Playstation, almost every 3rd party dev jumped ship... Gamecube followed the main problem, while the PS2 (Dreamcast was out) and the upcoming Xbox handled DVDs, The GC handled a 1.5 GB disc and the design wasn't appealing... The Wii may be going back to the roots (and i'm happy about that), but they're selling like hotcakes not because of that, but because of the WiiX roster: Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit +, even Wii Music (hey, everyone needs a black sheep) and of course, Mario Kart Wii...


OT: Do you know what Ninty game would look great in the new 2D tech?: Kid Icarus, also Donkey Kong Country and Kirby, in 3D i want a Star Fox SNES remake (original was in mode 7, here they can go full 3D) and of course a new installment, the same for F-Zero...

Hell yes.
Some of the best games ever made are in 2D or do not have online play

If it isn't turnbased it isn't worth playing   (mostly)

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Of course

3D is not a necessary condition to be a good game

Metroid: Other M

Vetteman94 said:
I am actually pretty sure its considered the greatest Mario Game ever.

Well I will have to disagree with you both, adding a 3rd dimension to a platformer does not make it another genre of game, its still a platformer. And a fighting game no matter 2D or 3D is still a fighting game.

I'm done here.

LOL I disagree and can't really back it up so I'ma leave!  Sorry just picking a bit, but 2D and 3D platformers play differently same as 2D and 3D fighters, it's impossible to really dispute that, and is the point being made.

And yeah Mario 64 was the best 3D Mario (for most people) until Galaxy, and thats out of a total of... 3 games... Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy... for best 2D Mario game it's usually a split between SMB3 and SMW, but now the reviews are saying NSMB Wii is the best 2D Mario game, which is all up in the air, but I'm sticking to SMB3, many levels, 8 worlds, tough as nails, I'd say NSMB Wii lives up to this while still being more open to the not so great platformer gamer.

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2d is completely fine for me

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I still play SMW till now. Some games really do belong in 2D


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