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non-gravity said:
Fab_GS said:
shanbcn said:
Fab_GS said:
It was released 11/06/09 there...

PS3 version was delayed.

GameFaqs still lists it as 11/06/09

I could link you to many websites/shops that have it for the 20th.


Now it could have released earlier, but it doesn't make the numbers more reliable. 

You're actually right. Both amazon (uk, sp and fr) and Eurogamer have it at Nov 19th/20th.

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Well in my country (Czech Republic) we have the game since 11/06/09 and we are in Europe...

EDIT: The whole PC version is sold out here, PS3 and Xbox360 started on the same day. I was ordering 3 Collectors Editions of the PC version from which I believe is British and they have despatched my order yesterday. PS3 versions were selling aswell.

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"Others" is also Australia, where it released on November 5th

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Yeah, its definitely out in Australia already - my mate has been playing it...

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It also released the 6th over here. We even got a notice from EA to make sure that people knew it was coming out sooner again (it was delayed, but there was a nte saying that it was 'undelayed' again)

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Australia accounts for maybe 5k sold so that doesn't explain the 62k. DA is released on the 19th here in Germany.

Ive seen the game in the shops Chrizum! i don't know what you're talking about

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no i got it from UK at that time :P on ps3

No release in Germany, France, Italy, Spain.

Perharps in South Africa but doesn't know that country is feed up PS3

So what are the sources to tracking DA on others ?

And by the way, where are the japan' sale last week ? we have N/A instead of 40k like MC said ?