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If Nintendo want to meet their fiscal projections of selling X number of Wiis I think it is a good idea to cut the price of the Wii. I also think with the PS3 soon to be just $50 above Wii's price tag I think it's going to take away a lot from Wii sales. And if the 360 price cut rumor turns out to be true I can see the Wii losing a lot of the marketshare at the end of the year.


Nintendo should bundle the Wii with a motion plus and Wii Sports Resort and perhaps some other game to increase its value. They can also introduce several different colors to make it more appealing

Nintendo shouldn't get too greedy and wait until next year to cut the price - get as many Wiis out there. The sooner the better for it will bring more third party love to the console.

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I say that should wait and see what happens, if they lose market share, they will cut the price to $229



No, its still selling like hot cakes so I see no reason for a price cut
maybe a bundle with WSR or SMG to piss off competition

New colors and bundles... if that doesn't work cut the price

No, price cuts help temporarily but only good software can give a sustained boost.

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I think the Wii has become overpriced, but it still sells.

Though it is roughly selling the combined total of the HD consoles. Wii sales have dropped considerably compared to last year. It's no longer selling like hotcakes.

I think they'd rather throw a game into the 250$ package than cut the price. NSMBWii, anyone?

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Bring Black Wii and promote a few bundles.

Wii + Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort (inc M+) for $289.
Wii + Wii Sports + The Conduit for $279.
Wii + Wii Sports + Metroid Prime Trilogy for $279
Wii + Wii Sports + NSMBWii for $289.
Wii + Wii Sports + [some other 3rd party game that's good] for $289.

Then only discount IF
1. Wii is selling less than PS3 or 360 sept and/or oct. (Nov discount)
2. Wii doesn't outdo last xmas by at least 30%. (Jan discount)

Nintendo aren't being greedy if they don't cut the price, they're keeping to their strategy.

If Nintendo begin to lose market share, it won't be because the PS3 is taking sales away from Wii but because the PS3 is selling more so the total HD consoles sold compared to Wii will be greater. I think it's likely that this will happen in September but the Ps3 won't be stealing Wii sales.

Therefore I think Nintendo cutting the price would be silly as it won't pull consumers away from the PS3 at all, it'll just provide more incentives to consumers who were interested in Wii already.