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crumas2 said:
forevercloud3000 said:
like seriously. They couldn't do anything with PS2, it was inferior to their main stay, PC. This is kinda understandable. Yet now we have PS3, which in a manner of speaking is right on par with most PCs. Yet these guys STILL can't find the necessity to learn the console? I mean PS2's userbase was phenomenal for crying out loud and they still didn't find it important enough.

At this point I just don't see them as very good game developers. They are not in it for the money(PS2 shafting), which is good. They are not in it to see what they can do(PS3). They just seem to be forever frozen in their mindset and don't want to evolve. They rehash the same engines over and over, very little improvements. They don't attempt ANYTHING that isnt typical PC coding it seems.

Valve FTL! I support good gaming companies like Ubisoft, Naughty Dog, GGames, Namco, Media Molecule, SEGA, etc that actually have skillz.

They're making money, staying profitable, etc.  Who says they have to address the market in the way you deem appropriate to be "good game developers"?  Sounds like Blizzard is a REALLY poor developer, as that company refuses to touch any console.

Admit it... you're frustrated that Valve doesn't want to invest heavily in developing for the PS3.  It's not that you think they're not good at developing games.


Not really.

I could say I support gaming companies like Bioware, Blizzard, etc that make opposing exclusive games for other consoles I don't own. Its just that I dont own any of their games(cuz i dont use or have the systems). Yet the point is I can respect their work ethic. I don't hear THOSE companies complaining about consoles being too hard to develop for yatta yatta. I much rather they skip the excuses. If you dont want to make a game on a particular console, fine, just say so. Don't constantly be trying to make it seem like somethings wrong with that console tho when its really your programmers are elementary level at best for gaming.

To me it seems like they just want to do whatever uses the least amount of effort, a quality not becoming of a good game developer. They make millions of dollars every title yet they refuse to get more staff members? They just dont want to grow for some reason.

And I have never been interested in a Valve game other then Team Fortress. They just don't appeal to me as developers that way. I know plenty of other PS3 owners do/or at least did find their games interesting though.




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Their step back into "We don't like the PS3" came sooner that I expected!

Remember this statement?:

And I called it....but for them to basically retract their statement so soon (they waited a year before they started saying they didn't like the PS3 last time) is astonishing

Valve : " im blaming you cause i didnt give you what you wanted. "

Yea, thanks for rubbing that in... *looks at abandoned copy of Orange Box on PS3*

That's probably why they didn't let EA port Left 4 Dead, don't want to hurt their image by some amateur porters.

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Valve are full of their own self-importance and in the last couple of years people talk about them because of their PS3 stance and not because of the games they are producing. Says it all really.

fuck their couch k

Moonhero said:
Wii would have gotten the Red-headed stepchild version. So don't be too upset.

Oh wow, you used wii as a pun for we. It's not very nice staying you would have got the red headed version, i have red hair!

We already knew the ps3 version of orange box was crap since it came out. EA ported it over, valve didn't do the port.

rckrz6 said:
We already knew the ps3 version of orange box was crap since it came out. EA ported it over, valve didn't do the port.

The odd thing that misled a lot of people was the valve stamp that was on the cover next to EA.