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I quit for some time after the N64 died out. I got heavily into PC gaming... C&C Renegade, Battlefield, Total War... but when the Wii launched my interest in consoles peaked again and I came back. For good now perhaps. And will probably stay on ninty's side for a long time with another console on it's side

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When I got my first home console.

I owned (and still own) a Gameboy Colour and Gameboy Advance, but from the time I bought my PSOne, I've only bought Sony consoles and handhelds.

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Around N64. Is sucked except for a few games. I played Civization 2 and PS1 more then anything.

Gamecube wasn't great either and I played my PS2 more then anything.

Luckily the Wii is much better.

Well I guess it's not abadoning since I had the consoles still.  Though other people had bought them for me.  Me.  I think all the consoles have had merit.

I'll never give up on Nintendo, but during the PS1 days, I can't deny it. I played Sony's console a hell of a lot more. Nintendo has provided the absolute best (imo) and most memorable experiences each and every single generation, but since the launch of the N64, they've been 2nd (maybe even 3rd) as far as sheer volume of gameplay is concerned. It pains me to type this post.

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E3 2009.

When Ninty decided 4 Mario games were more important then my Zelda Wii.

It shall remain so until Zelda Wii is now released.


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chocoloco said:

Yah, I could never give up on Nintendo compleatly Mario Kart will bring me back when he system is like 100 or less used and the games are like 15 or less. In a few years nintendo should have a large amount of good games to justify buying this system that is currently mainly for casual gamers.

way to show you don't know much about the system.

Anyways, I never gave up on Nintendo. Why give up on the best developer in the world.

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After the SNES era, when we (my brothers and I) heard that the Final Fantasy series was coming out on Playstation. We've always followed Square every generation since the NES.

We rented a N64 when it was first released, and finished Super Mario 64, one of the best game ever createdé After that, however, we didn't see any reason to buy the "Ultra 64".

I already have.  My Wii collects dust, waiting on some decent games.

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I give up on Nintendo because of PlayStation

When my love for the N64 declined as my love for Playstation One grew. I still play on friends and family's Gamecube and Wii but never considered them enough to overrule my Playstations. But Wii is coming back with a lot of good games that i might consider getting one in the future. But i dont think itll ever be my primary console again with the way Nintendo is going.