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I left because of the gamecube. Came back because of the DS. :p

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Well the last console i bough was the GC, but the Black DSlite was too smexy so I'm still at the N side :)

@pakidan101 lol

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After RE4 on the Gamecube.

Long answer:I've always loved games but my childhood was game defficient bcuz my parents would never buy games.Most games I played were those cheap or free substandard PC games and whatever I could play at a friends house.I borrowed a friends N64 for a bit over a year and fell in love with Zelda,mariokart & smash bros.I think the only highly acclaimed 64 titles I(my friend,actuall) didn't have were Mario 64,perfect dark and majora's mask(I beat it on GC collectors edition).I also had a PS1 for about 6 months but apart from my Digimon games & some 3rd person shooter trilogy collection(forgot the name),all I had were demo discs.
I had a gameboy and games like Pokemon,Kingdom hearts,golden sun and metroid left permanent marks in my heart.I played my fair share of PS2 & GC games and discovered just generally had more fun with the GC.Then the PSP was on the horizon & I was one of the most hyped out about it.It disappointed.The DS exceeded expectations.The new home consoles came and the wii mote blew me away.Since I can’t afford to buy more than a few games a year,the wii doesn’t have too few hardcore games for me.I buy anime games,all the best 1st party efforts and the few good 3rd party efforts and I’m broke.I wouldn’t have the money to buy more games even if there were more 3rd party hardcore games.
There are too many coming between Q4 this year and Q1 next year for my wallet to handle!Besides,not every1 has access to online gaming so the HD console’s superiority in that area doesn’t phaze me.Finally,right from last gen till now,many hardcore games are overrated even b4 their release.I mean,look at prototype,dark sector and assasin’s creed!" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash">

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Give up the greatest video game company the world have ever known??

I don't think so.

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Why should you exactly?

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I nearly gave up on Nintendo during the late GCN era, and consoles in general.

Thank god the Wii has plenty of "non-serious" games that I enjoy the most. There are far too many "serious" themed games in the market these days.

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I "gave up" on nintendo after the SNES because i skipped the 5th generation (N64 and PS) after that i bought a PS2 and then an Xbox and now i bought an Xbox 360 and Gaming PC

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I have known Nintendo only in the GBA age, and i loved them: i didn't had a house console like Wii, but 2 GBA and 2 DS and now it's time for a mine Wii (not for my cousin's one -__-).
I think people will never be satisfited with Nintendo: GC sold too poorly, Wii is too Casual, DS has too poor graphic...every time someone has something to argue with!
I can't think of a given up to Ninty! :)

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