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NEVER i love their games

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Around when the Wii launches, and it keeps getting worse, because all they do is dissapoint me. Hopefully the new Zelda will be awesome though.

I haven't given up on Nintendo, mainly because I'm not a "I want it now" Brat.

The article implies that I have, indeed, given up on Nintendo, or that they have done something to make me feel the need to.


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I played mario bros in the arcade, then got a nes. i played that thing like it was goin out of style. super nintendo was my life put it simply, i even liked blurry grainy old game boy.

n64 i hated tho, i was like 'why no cd?' and i went to pc gaming.

didnt come back till i got a free ds, loved it, then got a wii.

now i get to play all the stuff i missed!

not giving up on nintendo again.

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Only N console I didn't own is the GC, but I'll never give up on them, even if I play other consoles more. It is possible to like more than one console...

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I honestly thought the Game Cube was WAYYYYYY better then the Wii.

When did I give up on Nintendo?

Answer to that question is hidden somewhere in that song's lyrics.

I believe we gamers loved Nintendo since the NES not only because games like Mario, Zelda or Duck Hunt, but also because they had all this great third-party games which at the time not many knew any better if they were "first" or "third" party, all that mattered is you could only play those titles on the wonderful Nintendo console and whatever the small competition of the time had to offer it was nothing close to that whole experience. Then came the Sega Genesis and put up a real fight (outside Japan), and we could say we saw the first glimpse of what "stealing" some third party games can do for a system as well as the power of the first-party exclusives which was, more importantly, what made the Genesis a force to be reckoned with.

Only shortly before the Wii launched former Nintendo President Yamauchi expressed the point of a console is to play its own games. As you may gathered from this and other statements made by Nintendo honchos, they're not fond of multiplat titles. Politics, ideology, business? Call it what you will. I just laugh when I remember that line from Yamauchi. Sure it was nice for Nintendo to made it seem like the Dragon Quests, Final Fantaties, Castlevanias and Street Fighters were "Nintendo games". Well, tons of those third party games is what sold so many NES and then SNES, not just a "generation one-time dose" of Zelda. As much as I loved Super Mario, Zelda and other great Nintendo stuff (Punch-out) I'm still waiting for something new and fresh after 20 years from Nintendo. Are they completely unable to create a new franchise just as enticing as Zelda or Super Mario, without having to resort to the old tired "mascots"?

I gave up on Nintendo when they gave up on ME.

I gave up Nintendo when I died. Death is a real buzz kill.