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If they were looking for a PS3-leaning mod you dont want to go to a fanboy(granturismo sorry but you lean to far) you want to go for a more non biased person but still slightly biased i.e. mitsuhide-i lean towards the PS3 but i dont troll(that i know of) or say the other consoles are crap and i am not a fanboy.
Not that they are looking for a mod i think we have enough mods as it is even though when a thread needs one they are never there but when a thread doesnt need one they are all there no offense to you guys you all do a greatly wonderful job :D

End of 2014 Hardware Predictions (03/03/14)

PlayStation 4: 12-15million

Xbox One: 7-10 million

Wii U: 8-9 million (Changed 01/04/2014 from 7-9 --> 8-9 million)

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DKII said:
ssj - It was a joke because this thread is ridiculous, we already have two mods who own and love their PS3's, so asking for a PS3-leaning mod as if we don't already have them is silly.

I'm getting married in a couple weeks so have been a *bit* busy to deal with this site much. :)

 Congratulations DK!


Set up a webcam in the church? =P

Just kidding, hope it all goes swimmingly. 

Yeah, seriously....if everybody here were invited ANYWHERE that place would A) become better informed about videogames/videogame sales to the point of insanity, and B) it would look like a Village People concert, only with flamboyant nerds instead of flamboyant gay people.


All i'm hearing is alot of support for me to be a mod, plus the 18 pms supporting me. Looks like i'm loved around here.

GranTurismo said:
All i'm hearing is alot of support for me to be a mod, plus the 18 pms supporting me. Looks like i'm loved around here.

Take the cottonballs out of your ears.

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I honestly don't think I need to prove it but just for the hell of it I have opened up a listing of all of your posts and will now begin to quote from it....this should be fun....


Here is a bit of GranTurismo's record as a troll as requested by him... 


GranTurismo Said: 


 Found a list of Nintendo games at the show, nothing on the list thats any good.


Oboro Muramasa
No More Heroes
Rygar: The Battle of Argus
Active Life: Athletic World
Devil Kings 2 Heroes
Project O
Deca Sports
DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 3
Zenkoku Decotora Matsuri
Samurai Warriors Katana
Soul Calibur Legends
Zack & Wiki
Resident Evil: UC
Shiren The Wanderer 3
Miburi & Teburi
Doraemon Wii
Mario & Sonic Olympics


GranTurismo Said: 

Plus i don't troll the site like wii fans.



GranTurismo Said: 

 I thought you banned shams for his trolling, i was about to buy you a beer :)



GranTurismo Said: 

 I would vote for Hus as a mod, either him or me.


 ^this one is not really trolling per se, but my god is it crazy


GranTurismo Said: 

 Hus would be a great mod,


 ^same as last one

GranTurismo Said: 


New video of RE:UC at the TGS, here you guys go. The game looks great for the wii.


GranTurismo Said: 

 You wii fans are really grasping fro straws here, you say Nintendo won the show but provide no proof of any games at the show. You say Sony sucked at the show but then provide no proof. I give you proof that Sony had the most and best game, and you deny the greatness that is Sony. I give you proof that the wii games at the show lacked anything to compare to the Sony list and you say i'm trolling. You guys are priceless.


 ^here is a recent example of your extreme bias

GranTurismo Said: 

 I bet if the game had a fat plumber it would be over 500k now.


 ^that was the entire post

GranTurismo Said: 


 Whenever i see a wii ad i see old people jumping around then when i get home all i see is armless avatars :(

talk about the bait and switch

 ^In a thread entitled "Sony Ads", way to be on topic

GranTurismo Said: 


 Sony just won TGS, better luck nest year 360/wii with the shows.

 ^Posted 5 days before TGS even started

GranTurismo Said: 

 Pretty much the same are you blind, one has a bunch of emo kids and the other one has a giant skull and a guy holding a shotgun.


 ^Very professional responce there...

GranTurismo Said: 

 So far the PS3 is selling faster then xbox/GC did, and the PS3 is selling at the same rate as the 360, and all this time the PS3 has been priced alot more then those systems, to imagine the PS3 not selling more then the 360 over its lifetime is crazy. The wii is selling as a gimmick right now an due to its price.



GranTurismo Said: 

 It must be really hard on you having no games on the wii that can match the greatness of the PS3 line-up.  Maybe you should go troll another thread.



GranTurismo Said: 

 Why don't we make a book about how Nintendo home consoles had being doing very bad for over 20+ years. Each console selling worse then the one before, Nintendo failed big time.


^ In a thread about an actual book that was released about the PS3

GranTurismo Said: 

 The gaming industry was about to die before Sony came along. Sony is by far the best thing to happen to the industry.


 ^nope no bias there

GranTurismo Said: 


 Lets start a list with exclusive games with good graphics during this whole gen.....looks like wii fails, not a single game :D

 ^in a thread about exclusive games

GranTurismo Said: 

dtewi said:
The Wii sucks REALLY bad, I mean the kiddie games and Atari graphics make the Wii kill gaming because they are trying to get grandmas and babies to make sure real gamers don't exist anymore.

Its the sarcasm thread not the truth thread :P


GranTurismo Said: 


 If the game came with a snowboarding/skilling/skateboard game it would sell better, but then again Nintendo seems to do very good selling brain training games to old people who think they won't lose their memory. So a wiifit game to fat people might sell well. But then again the weight thing comes to mind for the people in NA.

 ^I'm not sure this one counts as trolling as much as being extremely insensitive...and that is coming from a guy who absolutely loaths PC bullshit.

GranTurismo Said: 

 jimmay your lists are great and you are a great hero for the fans of great games. Wii's third party games consist of RE and.....?

I'll get back to you when i can name one, maybe in 2012.



GranTurismo Said: 


 I will keep my numbers handy, but if this name is banned i'll be back with another one, this name is starting to bore me anyways. Maybe i'll be a wii fan next time, with the name FaTpLuMbEr. If someone steals my name you will hear from me. I've always been a blues fan. So maybe i'll use that.


GranTurismo Said: 

 Sorry about that TalonMan, i'll leave this thread and only post my ideas with another account.


 These last few posts seems to imply you have multiple accounts, I wonder how ioi feels about that? I am pretty sure he has turned people down who have requested this before so what makes you so special that you feel you get multiple accounts?  Honestly the only reason someone should need multiple accounts is to shed the negative image of a troll.

To Each Man, Responsibility

Not the Secr.. nevermind, gran tursimo has started shaping up in his post, now that he is more of a good poster, you people attack him. Childs play really.



Thanks leo. I responed to each quote in the closed thread Sqrl, so you can send me back a PM if you wish to complain more.

leo-j said:
Not the Secr.. nevermind, gran tursimo has started shaping up in his post, now that he is more of a good poster, you people attack him. Childs play really.

In what way is he shaping up? Because he now posts 10 times a day that he wants to be a mod? Sorry - begging is certainly the wrong approach.

...and, no offense, but I think there's a greater chance of Myamoto developing the next GTA sequel than granturismo becoming a mod....

I post 10 times a day to be a mod, thats news to me. Plus i don't see me begging to be a mod either. Could you point these posts out to me. Me saying that i would be a great mod or whatever is not begging to be a mod.